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  1. Well up this way (SE QLD) it around $220-$250 average for the schools that come up in searches.... also a lot of the ones recommended here are in that bracket. Mainly Jabs and foxbats..... and the occasional Tecnam. As stated $ is a very crude metric but still needs to be taken into consideration
  2. Fantastic post mate! I really do appreciate that. I really do know from my professional background that I will be asking all the wrong questions and just really dont know what I just dont know yet. I am going in blind so find it hard to assess the real value because of it. I have had glowing reports of guys that charge $150 and a lot of recommendations for the $250 plus guys. I think it will just be trial and error from here on in, as with you I usually assess by the generalised approach and perceived attention to detail, as I know nothing I would think I was getting a meticulous educati
  3. I have seen many for around $280 and one for $300.... wont mention the school though.
  4. Good form once again Merv :-) So are you with South Coast Recreational Flying Club then?
  5. Thanks Dazza! They are on my list to go and check out. Did you also do your training out there?
  6. Hey there motzartmerv, thanks for the input, yes it seems like a mixed bag. I'm happy to pay a "realistic" price, just seeing where people recommend for value. As it looks like I will be travelling regardless, thought I would see what was out there. It has been my experience in other fields that some of the best operations have a low profile and can be hard to find without recommendations.
  7. Thanks rankamateur, I will also track down Bill Grieve. Will look into the Savannahs also.
  8. Fantastic info David! Very much appreciated. I will definitely go and check them out as its only an hour and 40 for me also. I dont know much about the lightwings apart from coming out of Ballina... the Rotax is an obvious bonus from the Jab 160 though I suppose. My rational for wanting to fly a Jab was that it would be easier to go from a jab to a Foxbat etc.. but a bit harder to go from a foxbat to a Jab. How do the lightwings handle?
  9. Thanks for your response Dodo! Great to hear the the second hand opinions are not too far off the mark. That would be great to find someone of equal calibre up this way but don't mind the drive down there to the Oaks as they sound like good folk.
  10. Hey there guys I have been scouring the forums over the last few months finding info on making my dollars go the further. I do understand that some people do skimp on quality just for low $ per Hr, However I do know that some fairly average operators are charging close to $300 Hr Dual in a Jab. So price does not always indicate quality. There are newbie instructors that charge top dollar as they have a great set up, business model and marketing yet there are some awesome and very experienced instructors that seem to still charge what they did in the early 90s. So PLEASE guys no lectures o
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