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  1. How is this build going, any progress?
  2. Ouch, he is human after all... Glad they are ok..
  3. Sounds a bit like the RPL medical reform CASA - "Here is a change in medical requirements, have some of this" - "AusRoads standard" ( so no change really). MTOW change 'Here is an weight increase - have some of this " "45 knot stall remains" (so no change really) ho hum..
  4. As suggested by my CFI, You can always prep a plan for your NAV , sit in your armchair with a watch and all your gear and fly the nav in your head, fillowing the map, doing your clearoff checks following 10 minute/10 mile makers etc. Throw in some diversions etc. Helps to get the process burned into your brain a bit and will help you when you start doing the actual navs. Or... Instead of the armchair, I fired up Flight Sim X, which had all the OZx scenery loaded for my local area, input the weather and flew that Nav on the sim, much more fun, and surprisingly accurate too. I think if you can get familiar with the basic process it will save you some time instead of learning it for the first time on the actual nav flight...
  5. if anything I think the cinematography is going to be amazing, loved the vapour cones on those F18's (?) as they burned down the river (1:41)..
  6. As a Top Gun tragic (I still watch the original a couple of times...) this has me very excited.. https://youtu.be/qSqVVswa420 Actually looks the goods
  7. mAgNeToDrOp


  8. There is an article in the newest sport pilot about the weight increase and CTA access... https://issuu.com/raaus/docs/sportpilot_july19_final_web/24 Tried to copy the text but can't, so you'll have to read the article
  9. Thanks Nev, I always make a point of reading your posts, always informative , useful advice, obviously based on a tonne of experience and you have a knack for teaching/explaining your point. Go on, write a book, I'd buy it ;)
  10. Nice, 600 KG and wing tanks ticks the must haves for me, now if only I had the $$...
  11. Yeah it's amazing ( obvious I guess) how just giving up alcohol results in weight loss. I guess regular beers over 20 years adds up. And it's great not having hangovers anymore, and a few extra$$ in the bank...
  12. Congrats good job, I decided to give up the grog, New years resolution (yawn). Still eat crap and don't exercise enough but dropped 10 kegs anyway... If only i could get motivated to do the rest might get back to into my old Jeans! 2 kids under 2 is my excuse ;) too busy - cue worlds smallest violin....
  13. Yeah I recall the Helicopter scenic flights ( is/was a forum member here) lasting about 5 minutes and shut down by Busselton mob. Operated out of Cowaramup initially. Not too sure of the details but he mentioned lots of complaints from these anti aviation types..
  14. Is Busselton still in the running for the second Qantas academy? First went to Toowoomba if I recall
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