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  1. No worries Thanks Steve, I enjoy flying the old girl and much more fun than GA. Fact of the matter is i have moved house and interstate, long story short,i would be intersted in selling her (the aircraft not the missus) i have not advertised yet but if anyone on this thread is interested please give me a call on 0422019958 Or email: [email protected] Asking 10 k ,is regoed.has trailer but thats not regoed. Ps good luck with the Gemini project!!
  2. Thanks Merc:) Drifters and Thrusters Rule! Who needs fibreglass ?? Wingtech even sent me a xmas card , now thats a nice touch :) very proffesional !
  3. Flyerme....Yep i recon he is..got my machine in his hanger at the mo and there is a couple more in various condition as well..thruster heaven :)
  4. Hi Corky, she is a credit to you and other previous owners, Tamworth-southwest rocks- evens head . In a Thruster ! WOW thats the go!! Wish i lived near the beach . You must of looked after her well :) Still flys great,trims hands off, i have only done local flying and one Yarrawonga-Falcon Hawk flight so far but intend to do a few longer sorties soon ,or at least get out of the circuit :) Cheers .
  5. TThanks Riley, I i agree on the fun stakes ,she is hard to beat, pitty someone is not still making them !! YYes Jim is the man ok,Top bloke and very good fun to fly with! His grass strip and hanger is a great set up as well , eeven has a caravan you may stay in next to the hanger :) Good luck with the Gemini!
  6. TThanks Deskpilot, hope you enjoy the rebuild on your machine ! Its half the fun! ( most of the time :)) Ccertainly lets one learn about AN bolts thats for sure! Ccheers. Pps IAlan Daniel, is the man at Wingtech, not Alan Cameron as i put.
  7. richard burch


    Got the old girl fllying again :) Thanks to Wingtech ( po box 66 Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Ph + 61 407 761 808. ) ask for Allan Cameron. A new set of skins for well under 3k and great service and advice on fitting .. Excellent service and would highly reccomend !!! Also Jim Cuthill at Falcon Hawk flying School , just North of Benella Vic, for teaching me how to fly it :) Safe landings all, merry christmas !
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