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  1. Oopps Looks like that was an old post by Camit... I don't know then...
  2. Yes, I have a multi-point efi system on. works well!
  3. Hi, Anyone heading to the races this year? I heading up from Adelaide on the 31st Cheers
  4. Its not the easiest plane to take off and land but once you know how to fly it it's great, that's why manufacturer says 10hrs transition training.. i flew a lightning at 30hrs experience and have done 40hrs in it now. You get places fast though 145knt cruise
  5. Hi, I have a brand new never fitted Hacman mixture control for a Jabiru 3300 Bing carburetor for sale, I have decided to install a full EFI system instead All instructions and hardware together in original packaging I Paid $225USD plus shipping $50us Selling for $200AUD Cheers
  6. Hi, Has anyone with a lightning used a WC62FK-60? cruise prop I have the 58'' pitch on there at the moment and that one cruises at 120 @ 2750, just interested what the difference would be? Cheers!
  7. Thanks Bruce! I heard he's the Guru Cheers
  8. Hi, does anyone know if Wayne Johns is still around the Murray area? I hear he's pretty good Contact details? Cheers
  9. I love to be in the air
  10. Hello everyone!!
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