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  1. Time Left: 15 days and 2 hours

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    Air Creation NuviX 912 BioniX 13 Microlight in Excellent Condition. Air Creation Mircrolight’s are manufactured to a standard above all others. Built by the French, they’ve been designed with Careful sophistication & Class. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has owned or flown an Air Creation remarks on how Amazing they are in Every Way, and how any other trike is Crude by comparison. Air Creation are the ‘Aston Martin’ of Trikes. Specs: 2012 Air Creation NuviX Skypper 912 Registration – SAFA - T2-6512 Registered till – February 2022 Base & Wing hours – 215 Power Plant – Rotax 912 UL 80Hp Fuel consumption p/h level flight – 10 lph @ 55 kts Fuel capacity – 65 litres Wing – BioniX 13 Wing span 9.10m Wing weight 53kg Cruise Speed – 70 knots Climb rate – 985 ft/min MTOW 450 kg VNE 102 knots Seats – 2 Propeller – Arplast Helice 3 blade Radio – Mircroair Immaculate Condition Always hangered No hard landings Note – the Air Creation BioniX wing is one of Very Few wings on the market that has undergone a comprehensive & very expensive Pitch Test. That’s part of the reason why a brand new Air Creation will set you back over $100k ! The BioniX wing also features a Patented Corset System which allows you to adjust your flights speeds up to 90+ knots, and safely land in a short distance, with a slow stall speed of just 34 knots. With only 215 hours of flying, this Air Creation is a bargain at only $38,000. Selling on behalf of an overseas owner. Aircraft location – Wedderburn Airfield, NSW. Feel free to ask any questions. Call Ric on 0412959575


    Wedderburn, New South Wales - AU

  2. Member of Gold Coast Sports Flying Club. Heck Field, Norwell, Qld.
  3. I'm guessing a Ramphos is too expensive maybe? If not - there's one for sale here. Cheers. http://www.aviationadvertiser.com.au/new_search.php?do_search=Search&catid_search=133
  4. Hi all. Hey if you have a Wizard 3 or Streak 2b wing for sale or know someone who is selling one, Pleeeeease contact me. Thanks. Ric
  5. Hi all. So, I'm going for my trike practical flight test this Tuesday week. ... any advice?
  6. Thanks Asmol, I'm very good friends with the Ramphos pilot and am already a member out at Heckfield. Once I get my licence I plan to hanger my craft there and fly often. Cheers and thanks.
  7. Hi All, I'm a fireman on the Gold Coast and recently passed my BAK exam...only the flight test left to go. On occasion I've come across some of your posts whenever I've googled information searching answers so thanks for those savvy pilots who have been helping members of the forum. My flying experience started about 14 years ago when I took up hangliding... unfortunately with a son on the way I was pressured into leaving the sport but vowed to return. Now I own an Airborne Edge X 582 and hope to be flying it soon after I pass my flight test. I look forward to chatting with you in the fut
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