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  1. My 2 cents would be: Do the PPL, and then USE it and learn from it. (there are heaps of people who do the jump straight from PPL to CPL on the bare minimum requirements who have never done any "real" flying) Then if you are interested and so inclined, move on to CPL studies. You can never know too much, but PPL is also a "license to learn"
  2. Arkaroola is VERY pilot friendly, and definitely worth a look
  3. Mad Dave

    11900 ft

    Hypoxia As mentioned in the earlier threads one risk is Hypoxia. One thing that never fails to interest me is taking passnegers who smoke to 8500 or 9500, and stop talking to them for a while, it is amazing how many fall asleep!
  4. Tragic. I was actually flying over the top of a guy spraying crops yesterday marvelling at the amount of skill he was displaying, must take rather large ones!
  5. I think they were maybe $8 a can last year? I can't remember, because you had to buy tickets to exchange for drinks, and i was just grabbing tickets off my mates, as i wasn't drinking much.
  6. $25 per person will just mean 3 beers less each!
  7. It depends what you want to see/do on the way. Last year we went via Mildura and Broken Hill. This year might go via White Cliffs, not too sure at this stage.
  8. They are building 2 new hangars at Lilydale, they are pouring the concrete floors at the moment. I am not sure how many spaces are taken / available.
  9. Also make sure you are satisfied that the other answers are wrong. Sometimes there are 2 answers that are right, but one will be "more right". If you are too hasty and pick an answer that seems right, you may get it wrong.
  10. WAC has less detail than the VNC (due to the scale). When flying into somewhere I usually go from WAC to VNC to VTC.
  11. G'day Neptune, Sounds like a great trip. I was recently in the States and flew an Arrow from Florida to San Fran. Found flying in the States to be great fun, and the airports were all top notch even "out in the sticks". Have fun. Dave
  12. Agreed, I meant more with IFR vs VFR
  13. If you are above 5000ft and flying hemispherical levels, there should be very little chance of traffic conflict
  14. When I asked the DAME "wouldn't a lot of people actually mark this as yes" (like you say ant, not raging junkies, but have you EVER taken drugs - one puff of a joint = yes), he just kind of shrugged and said it is "easier" to say no..........
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