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  1. Sadly no, although I drove up so we had plenty in our own fridge ?
  2. I realise many couldn't make it to the William Creek Fly-in this year, however I thought I'd post a few pics of some of some of the aircraft that did attend. It was a great weekend with over 40 planes making the trip. There was good food, good music and plenty of fun. We drove up (no Nav endorsement yet), but I believe a number of trips were made out to Lake Eyre, the Marree Man, Mount Eba station and The Painted Hills, there was even a few aerobatic displays in front of the pub which kept everyone entertained for a while. It was a pretty casual weekend and a good chance for a low
  3. I joined this forum many years ago, and have always had an interest in aviation but never really thought I'd take it to the next level. Recently I was given the opportunity to take the next step and started learning to fly with Adelaide Bi-Planes at Aldinga (YADG). After 20 hours in a new Evektor Harmony I'm loving it. My first solo was a few weeks ago, and after doing a few solo circuits this week it's starting to sink in that I might actually one day be able to call myself a Pilot. Looking forward to learning lots more from the knowledgeable pilots on here.
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