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  1. Has anyone developed a cockpit checklist for this unit? I would be very interested to see one. I seem to recall Jabiruphil (correct user name ?) had some input on these in the past.
  2. Is there a simple way to reverse a plan in Ozrunways?
  3. Just when I thought I pretty much understood the new format..this was for our local area today. As you can see from the map there is an area B1 - but there is no reference to B1 in the text boxes. Is this more likely an error? - or is it standard and if an area is "silent" and not mentioned, then one reads the conditions for the "parent" area - in this case B1 is "silent", so B conditions prevail? GAF.pdf
  4. Ozfergie

    Looking For some Destination Ideas

    Is your web page/blog discontinued?
  5. Ozfergie

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    Try to find a syndicate - best move I ever made - but there is a real lack of a central "marketplace" info for those wanting to join/create a syndicate. Happy to share our running costs - offline.
  6. Not my NAIPS app - do you need to install a new one? - Area screen still shows all old areas.
  7. What's the answer to : elevator jammed?
  8. I have just returned from 5 weeks o/s and have noted that the BoM are soon removing Area Wind Forecasts and replacing them with Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) on 9th November 2017. Can I safely assume that for exam purposes after 9/11 that it will be acceptable to CFI's to use the GAF's?
  9. Ozfergie

    Arnhem Land

    Great photos - I would love to make that trip one day. I would be fantastic if you could share any tips etc for mitigating the lack of forced landing areas on your particular route.
  10. Apart from the obvious safety considerations can anyone clarify the requirement for reporting overflying at certain locations? CASA seems to imply that it only applies to registered Aerodromes (so would exclude, for example, Warkworth YWKW) but the VFRG implies that it applies to all Airfields published in ERSA (Warkworth is in ERSA).
  11. Ozfergie


    I know it's difficult trying to arrange things from o/s - but I would try to take a trial flight at both. Camden is much quieter - which is good for beginners but Bankstown has many more a/c movements which is good for building your experience. I would expect that the schools in Camden are a little cheaper and would be more flexible with their availability. You might also want to try a couple of different instructors as their styles are all very different. I took my RPL at Camden and enjoyed every moment.
  12. I need to perform an in flight diversion on my next XC - the diversion needs to be planned in the cockpit en route. It's a bit of vague question but do you have any tips or tricks around being "organised" for this?
  13. Ozfergie

    What Licence(s) to land at Alice Springs Airport

    So I have the RPL with controlled airspace - can I not use the Raaus with XC endo to get there?
  14. Ozfergie

    What Licence(s) to land at Alice Springs Airport

    I'm glad this came up - I have been meaning to ask for a while : I got both my RA-aus Pilot cert and RPL at Camden - I now have the Ra-Aus cross country endo and have an a/c based at Cessnock. Can I fly from Cessnock to Camden - essentially using the Ra-Aus then the RPL for the last 10nm? - or do I still have to do the RPL cross-county endo?