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  1. Yea I mean I don't have any information on other countries rules but there seems to be a lot of red tape in regards to building / flying aircraft in Australia!
  2. Thanks Mike glad for the heads up on the club scene ha! I flew hangliders in Switzerland for 5 years and miss travelling for 3 km in the van then standing at 2000m to launch. I saw some self launch non motorised cockpit gliders over there unfortunately geographically we don't have the location,s close to where I live to head that way! Thanks for the information.
  3. Thanks Rastus all the information you provided is very useful thanks for taking the time to reply. I was under the impression I would need a separate glider license than my HG license. I just need to find the closest club to Wollongong! Much appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the reply , I,ll look into all the information you provided! all the subsections, clauses etc no doubt seems all logical to you, but I find some of it a bit difficult to comprehend, I'm probably going to have to get advise on the wing loading determination,s in regards to aircraft category's! Thanks again
  5. Hi I've just joined and would like to hear from experienced flyers about glider design and registration! I come from flying hangliders but after a nasty ankle injury I,m considering looking into getting a licence to fly gliders. I have some design concepts for a lightweight glider but have little idea about the difficulties and costs involved with casa and test documentation to allow me to fly a home made aircraft. And I was wondering if a powered glider required an ultralight license, there seems to be so many licences out there!
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