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  1. The word “ member “ is redundant in RAAUS. We are now just milking cows , there to provide the funding for corporate operations. Major decisions are made without membership consultation. They want to be seen a big players in the game , so lets cosy up with the big boys. Give them what they want , as long as we have a seat at the table. I feel the board and management are overstepping the mark with their decision to release private information to airports. By the way i pay landing fees. Its the way the board operates that has me concerned. There is no consultation with us cows!
  2. Hi Rob. In effect you have built a faraday cage from your engine bay. Faraday cages are used by scientists and technicians to isolate radio signals . You have proven that your issue starts at your aerial and coaxial cable , It is receiving the hash generated by the engine systems.. static and noise that enters through the aerial usualy points to a poorly installed aerial. its the opposite of what you might expect, a good installation allows the front end amplifiers in your radio to automatically winde back their sensitivity. This iimproves the signal to noise ratio so that when a voice communication comes in it swamps the engine noise. a poor antenna and coax does the opposite it causes the amplifiers to crank up, and amplify the much weaker engine noise signals. . so as you say you have cured the symtoms but have not gotten to the root cause . the spray ( paint you used) is normally finely ground metal particles suspended in a laquer or similar. It can be very effective . It will be interesting to see how well it sticks after a few months of heating and cooling. i have used it in marine applications to stop radar signals from entering equipment sensors on ships , but these were free of vibration and large temperature changes. . Hope it continues to work but be prepared to touch up sometimes. at least now you can fly in peace lol.. but look more closely at the aerial install. Particulary is the coax shield grounded to a aluminium ground plane under the base of the aerial.
  3. I had a split in a nylon tee piece that fed air from the pitot to the ASI and airswitch. Same symtoms under reading , slow to move of the zero. Tecnam sierra easy to get at though.
  4. Rf interferance is crazy, 2 identical installations can give one perfect radio and the other a dud! All your points made are very valid.
  5. Fibre glass! Causes more problems with radios than enough! Call me crazy.!! All 1/4 wave aerials as used on our 120mHz radios require a ground plane to replace the missing 1/4 wave of the aerial. If thes aerials do not have a good ground plane the front end of the radio will increase its gain and become susceptible to interferance . Fibre glass motor homes can suffer from a similar issue with receiving broadcast band signals when signals are weak . No radio issues are easily solved via a forum. But by ensuring that your aerial is correctly terminated into a ground plane and that your coax cable is good quality , with its screen electrically bonded (attached ) to the ground plane is a start. So google ground planes and 1/4 wave aerials and check yours out. You can make a simple ground plane from thin alum sheet. This may not be a fix but most rf noise enters via the antenna so make sure the aerial is installed correctly.
  6. One solution is to put your leds in series and raise the supply voltage by using a current limited boost converter. The duty cycle will be short, remember that the retentivity of the eye is quite long . Which means short very bright pulses are easily seen. Take a look at this design LED Lighting - Experimental Avionics Its not dissimilar to yours but it does use a ready made boost converter. Strobe controlers are prone to causing rf noise led units are better but still screen it and locate it carefully . Also use a rf choke capable of carrying the lamp load at the controllers power inlet.. have fun....
  7. Placing my head into the lions mouth here. But shouldnt you be getting your weather whilst on the ground. During your flight planning ? If i were flying to somplace and using for example the weather radar overlay to dodge around thunderstorms then seems to me that the conditions are getting close to IMC. Oz runways is a electronic planning tool and paperless maps etc . Anyway i use a mini 2 in a ram mount in front of a air vent , being on power helps to keep it cool as well and a Aldi sim card seems to work fine . i know this ony because the tracking features work reliably via the Cellular connection .
  8. Terrible public speaker though. I Fell asleep watching his annual speech ( youtube ) topic was great delivery ... boring )
  9. Yep a gimmick , but they need to load the thing with somthing! Another thought.......... maybe its not a car at all. But a cunningly disguised secret death ray machine! . Clever very clever , no one would ever guess!
  10. Ayecapt

    Bolly Props?

    lightwing yes. Gazell has been approved for bolly and tecnam is on the way , but expect 12 months wait.! The other question about marap is the fee structure. I cannot find out how this operates . For example if a marap is approved for a particular aircraft ie by its rego number. And the owner pays the fee. Plus cost of engineering, does that owner get a refund later when that marap approval is aplied to a second or third aircraft. Come on Raaus be up front, publish the fee and cost structure and tell us how it works in terms of costs. I understand that variouse maraps will have different actual costs to do testing, but how does it work!
  11. Ayecapt

    Bolly Props?

    Here is a image from the tech manual. Note Section 3. A marap list should be available. Its annoying how slow marap is we have been waiting 11 months now for approval to fit a bolly onto a type certified Tecnam .
  12. Im guessing the ad has been reported to authorities and the managers of the web site?
  13. Why if your low and slow would you do a tight turn! Answer ... your worried about flying a nice rectangular circuit. Pulling into the turn to get aligned ! Must have been a lousy set up in the first place. Better to go around .
  14. I also get edgy when you start to see stastistics that have been massaged by normalising and other statistical tools. Tools that are there to get data to look good . 600 killed on our roads for how many driving hours would come out to be a very low number indeed. BUT ITS STILL 600. It can still happen to you! Presenting statistics that show we are improving doesnt encourage improved airmanship , in fact it could do the opposite.
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