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  1. Hi Franco happy birthday have a wonderful day safe flying you and the Drifter kindest regards Ron tailspin
  2. Hi Frank looking at these photos sure has stirred up my flying feelings but have two more weeks with new hip till I am all clear to fly again then will catch up ok Ron
  3. Hi everyone this is what flying ultralights is all about Drifters doing their thing regards tailspin
  4. Hi AussieB1rd from Black Snake Ranges ,like your story about your Grandfather you have to look on the funny side of life or you go nuts. I fly up at Atherton on the Tableland drive up from Cairns weather permitting it is a beautiful area to fly around the little j3 and i get along around 55 knots going by my airspeed meter ok so safe flying till next time Tailspin
  5. Thank you Frank sure was a happy passenger made my day ,tailspin
  6. Hi to all went for my first flight with Frank on Sat talk about open air flying the pilot and his Drifter were as one was a beautiful safe flight around the valley, go fly with Frank lift your day. tailspin
  7. Hi Frank like you i have a passion for flying also have a J3 Kitten in a hanger up at Atherton, I would like to meet and go for a flight with you in your Drifter if that is possible i live in cairns and Deeral is close by would it be ok to contact you ron
  8. Thank you all for the imfo on crimping always had the feeling solder was the way to go, as they say you are never too old to learn
  9. Hi everyone. proud owner of a J3 Kitten based in Cairns. Trained by Jim Cuthill of Boxwood near Benalla, Vic. Looking forward to getting involved and chatting. Tailspin
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