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  1. Burke and wills roadhouse 2pm ( heat thermals ) blowing a Gale Xwind over range alongside strip. Pucker stuff
  2. The Alaska thing, lots of it, the more remote the better, and some hairy landings to boot.
  3. The Subaru 1800 / 2200 /2500 / 3300 are well proven auto to aero conversions. Huge hrs logged,
  4. Wife and i have flown all over that area, several times. Absolutely love the straits. There is must doos , permissions from each island ( nearly all have good strips ) some have accomodations, all must be pre booked. Drop me a PM, i‘ll give you contact names/phs, etc. Best fuel point is Horn island as your base, they’re strict on HI viz on the ground. Excellent accom at horn and TI.
  5. Russ

    Jabiru overweight

    Factory std prop mate. ( would like to post pic here, but not happening )?????
  6. Russ

    Jabiru overweight

    needed to carry every damn thing on 1 trip, max fuel the lot ( J160 ).....weighed the ol girl, 612kg, yikes, rang “someone” that knew its limits, was told if it gets off the ground...and it will, it will fly perfectly......took an extra 100m on the grass, but lift off good as. Have now multiple times packed her to the roof, careful with COG limits tho.
  7. Up until a certain yr ( cant recall that yr ) all jab tanks were sealed with a coating that was not suited for 95..98 mogas. The header tank in particular would leech strong fuel odours..95...98. Resealing them with the later product was the only fix, or just use avgas.
  8. Used Moreys upper cyl lube for yrs, internals clean as.....( avgas used )
  9. Not sure actually, maybe 10 yrs ago. But googled and updates are still avail via garman.
  10. Faultless, complete with books,mount,all elec cables....$300 delivered
  11. I have a brand new Ivo variable/constant speed prop, elec Would suit a J230 or other, Cost $5000...sell $2000 to clear it.
  12. Don’t know.. ‘Do know that a full face helmet won’t accomodate ANR headsets. Full face with drop down visor is well used, some days, some times, bugs in the air can be a real pain hence visors, and some fit tearoffs to visors.
  13. Motorbike writer.com (ear moulds) a lot of muster guys fly all day using moulds..
  14. Have trialled ear moulds, made from silicon with tiny speakers moulded within, bloody brilliant. Gyro folks put me onto them. They were wired to comms usual way, did hear now possible to wifi/Bluetooth them. Cost around $200. You need to get “sports ear” clinic to form your mould, they are custom made.
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