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  1. It’s an Evektor Harmony. Just normal steep turns! I think the GoPro lens makes them look a bit steeper than they are!
  2. Took a guy from work flying, we went up the coast and had a look at the Alkimos shipwreck, then over to Rottnest Island. This link is time stamped to the part where we were at Rottnest Island. Start it from the beginning if you want to see the shipwreck!
  3. Yeah I posted the wrong link! No idea how to edit/delete a post now they’ve changed the site! Haha anyway... here’s the actual link if anyone wants to watch
  4. Parkway


  5. All arguments aside, my main point was I have a habit of saying affirm in situations that really warrant a roger ?
  6. I’m a fairly new pilot, and seem to be struggling with the use of “affirm” and “roger”. I understand the meaning of both, and the context in which they SHOULD be used, but I seem to continually default to saying affirm when I really should say roger. Has anyone else had this problem? I guess it will eventually work itself out, but I thought someone might have a way they went about drumming it into their head haha. On my last flight I did it so many times it started to become comical! Here’s a short video of it
  7. Not sure if this is the right place for this post.. But does anyone know of any places in Australia that will install ANR kits to a currently PNR headset?
  8. Yeah I fly Ra-Aus out of jandakot (class D with parallel rubway ops) and I’ve heard of guys getting told off for circuits that were even just a bit too tight (even tho ERSA says “circuit size should be as compact as practicable” for noise abatement... go figure) so I can imagine flying a circling style pattern definitely wouldn’t fly!! (Pun intended)
  9. I think you might be referring to where I learnt to fly, at Jandakot WA YPJT... the Ra-Aus school there has an exemption to operate out of the class D airspace but not the nearby class C of Perth airport YPPH
  10. I used the Ra-Aus text and it was fine. Practice pilot exams site is also very good as previously mentioned
  11. I’ve been flying sportstars with the front hinged bubble canopy, yeah they get a bit toasty but they have a sliding sun shade which helps. As long as you have a few air vents it’s really not that bad. Just go higher!! Toughen up aussies ;)
  12. Cheers NinjaNate it was a busy day!
  13. Thanks mate are you in our Perth Pilots group?
  14. I’d recommend recording all of your flying lessons (with audio from headsets) it’s anazing how much more information you can absorb by watching over your last lesson before you go up for the next. Helped me immensely
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