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  1. Did you get my pm? Still waiting for a reply.
  2. T88, thanks for that info. Maybe i'll reconsider that aspect of my rebuild. I was concerned I'll make the plane too heavy for the Rotax 508. I haven't measured the wings but I believe it is full size, not clipped.
  3. Folding wings so that I can trailer it and rig wings single handed. Plane will be slightly heavier and I'm 101Kg so I want more lift for take off and lanting. Might have to go for a bigger engine. Am replacing rotten Dacron with resin impregnated cotton as a sin. Very smooth and should be less draggy. Got nothing else to do with my time or/and little money.
  4. Thanks guys. What I've got to do is reconfigure that lot to fit a Thruster. (Big mods going on).
  5. Can anyone provide me with a sketch or image for a single stick flaperon set up. TIA.
  6. Don't know what you've done but I don't like it.
  7. Go for but bare in mind, it's going to need a new set of skins ($2.5-3K)
  8. RPA also do hire and fly. No doubt you'll have to have a check ride first though. Jabirus and Lightwing were available when I was last there. There is/was another school there but don't know its current status.
  9. Where I learnt to fly, thanks to RPA (Recreational Pilots Academy).
  10. The 'hangar' was so bogged we could.t move it so had to cayy bits and pieces to my trailer.
  11. The Citroen flat four rarely gets mentioned with regard to aircraft but it is a really smooth, high revving engine. Loved to work mine though the gears in it's GS form.
  12. After being stored in a trailer for 11 years due to skin rot, it was gifted to me by it's owner.
  13. Thank PF, I won't bother. Here'a my more simple instruments panel.
  14. Thanks for the photos propfarmer. Indeed it's good to see another olden reaching for the skies once again. I have a T83/4 I'm slowly restoring and now I wonder if the rear fuselage covering would be of any benefit. Comments.... anybody?
  15. Must be one of the best secrets every. When I was stationed at RAF Coltishall, I happened to help with the maintenance of the City of Lincoln Lancaster held by the Memorial Flight. Until yesterday, I had no idea of the planes history, nor queried why it is painted black. This video tell of it's hidden past. Enjoy.
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