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  1. Having spent time with the very nice EPA people and others including councils etc. so that I could fly a helicopter into my work premises in Adelaide, I can tell you that under current Federal legislation both locomotives and aircraft are exempt from noise pollution laws. Now this does not include CASA and others who believe they can control your activities....but you better make sure that you do not infringe any other laws, bylaws etc or they will get you. An example.....I live in a semi rural area, the council rings up and says we believe you land a helicopter onto your property...
  2. I have imported about 4 aircraft over the years for my own use and have never been disappointed other than by the Australian side of the transaction ie. Assembly, CofA, instrument changes etc. If possible get the instrument changes done in USA, much cheaper. You will need an Export CofA which is basically an annual inspection with extra paperwork. If possible do the container packing yourself because other people don't care about your stuff. Go to the US and inspect yourself it will be well worth it. Don't ever import from any other country than USA, UK or NZ unless you really know what y
  3. Is anyone looking for hangarage at YMBD ? Schmacko
  4. You forgot : Took off with speed brake extended Taxied with air inlet plug still fitted Started takeoff run with rough engine but ANC headset masked the rough engine, rest of airfield said engine sounded awesome More than three is bragging
  5. Hoping someone can give me an idea of hangarage costs at Murray Bridge for GA aircraft as it seems I cannot afford Aldinga.
  6. Yes it is, I have sold a couple of aircraft and am now going to put a helicopter in but it will be lonely
  7. Hello All, I have available hangar spaces either 2 or 3 depending on size in a new hangar at Woodside Sth Aust. We have no power but we will put a generator in We have no water but we will put a water tank in Grass runway approx 950m long It is away from all hassles and close to the township of Woodside Regards Schmacko
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