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  1. Oh, BTW I was not intending to denigrate the standards of Chinese engineers - I shouldn't have said "all" the engineering talent. What I meant was that there is more to a successful commercial aircraft design than can be picked up at university - there is a lot of "acquired knowledge" that comes from past experience - and this is what the Chinese have been importing from Europe and the USA. The outcome being that the C-919 should be a more mature design than if China had decided to learn all these lessons the hard way...
  2. From what I heard they imported all the engineering talent from Europe and the USA so the design should be up to western standards. A lot of components (engines, avionics) from the west too, so it's the manufacture of structures where they need to maintain good quality...
  3. Such a shame that the regulators weren't doing their job properly to keep this poor bugger safe.
  4. The Act provides for penalties for "responsible persons" who do not report the incident to the ATSB, but the ATSB is reluctant to exercise those powers. In the case of an immediately reportable matter the penalty prescribed by the Act is "Imprisonment for 12 months"!!!
  5. rhysmcc: if I understand you correctly, you are asking whether this could be a case of the ATSB under-counting the number of incidents involving RA-Aus aircraft. In short: no. The ATSB does not count incidents based upon what is contained in the title or summary of the incident reports, or whether the incident was investigated. If an incident is reported to the ATSB it will be counted. You are absolutely correct in that all incidents should be reported to the ATSB (as per the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003) but, unfortunately, this has not happened.
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