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  1. Hi Guys thought Id let you Know.A mate and I purchased Saphire 19-3594 from Benigo at Christmas ,Rebuilt the engine did the 100 hr and flew it home to Darwin 32 hours in the air over four days travelling I carried the fuel and Tim did the flying,We must say one of the best designed and built RAA planes ever,84 knt cruise @ 6 liters per hours from a 477 Rotax,
  2. Hi Doug its 045 (has a different rudder to any I've seen} I bought it out of Balina Factory second hand.It had been in Glen Innes,Pretty sure original it was white with green tips and struts,The guy I bought it of got it out of Wayne Fishers factory so I've been told.
  3. Hi I'm Grant from rural Dawin and here is my Lightwing 25-0326 gr 582
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