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  1. Like the new avatar Bex. did not recognise it at first ready the Thailand plane response. cheers Clintonb
  2. most of us seem to be the type of deviants who haunt both sites, so it makes sense to merge. I am particularly fond of the funnies, I always need a laugh to make the day bearable being at work whilst the sun shines and the winds are fair. cheers clinton
  3. I had a work warranty claim for work involving "plastic rivits". retail if purchased as $12 ea, we needed 8. we had an airbag with 3 turn up ($22.00 each time), then an air bag with 1 more from a different depot, with the other 4 on back order. Turns out after the stupid freight debacle- they were the wrong part. the correct ones were shipped direct to the customer by supplier after this in another freight bag with the other half of the clips he did not need, (another $18 dollar part by 8 units) all because 4 fridge shelves were not locked in place by factory worker. Efficiency at its best.
  4. Tamworth to Orange and back to drop a mate off before work this morning. 3hrs 12 minutes air time. Very nice way to start the day. Wind was all but non existent. Bumps were minimal. Added a new strip to my list of landing places. Found a weird anomaly with my iPad tracking though. There was an aircraft in same vicinity and height over orange- could not see and no reply on radio. Later when looking at my track history it shows me making a weird triangle hourglass shape over orange township. Has anyone else had this happen before. Also 2 “ghosting” planes coming towards me at Coolah at same height but not there.
  5. I found the zero forward airspeed when trimming back all the way a bit unsettling at first. It was an interesting ride though.
  6. Paper doesn’t go “flat”( as in battery’s), it’s really easy to delete. It doesn’t just die because you didn’t back it up because you were busy. I still have model plane plans that I drew as a teenager in a $10 crate (along with all of my original AUF newsletters and early magazines. Amazing they still work and don’t need an update, or worse not supported any more. great to see you are still around bex, all the best with recoveries, boats are deadly-mine tried to break my leg on the weekend, 6 weeks out from a cruise. Not needed cheers
  7. My 182 is usually a single seater, unless my no 1 little co pilot gets out of bed early enough, yes it burns fuel like a 10 litre Cadillac tank- but when I look out either side under those wings I still can’t believe I own it, I’m flying a couple of thousand feet up and loving it. If it brings you joy and you can share that experience sometimes with your family and friends it’s worth it. You only live once.
  8. sunday looked good, home base weather was terrible, so I chose not to go, wind, rain and bad vis out to the west. maybe next year-here's to hoping.
  9. All up I have spent 79 hrs with instructors, 6 hrs 20 years ago, the Raaus was around 35 inc endorsements then BFR’s plus I have grabbed an instructor after a bit of a scare on base to final until my confidence came back. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help.
  10. I took 26 hrs to go from RPC to RPL, found going to 182 for learning meant getting used to weight difference, performance, the prop and mixture stuff, then cross country and minimum instrument time. Also some time spent getting used to radio in tower time compared to CTAF time in Raaus flying.
  11. Very sad outcome. Friday morning weather was bad enough at Armidale, approx 500 feet cloud/fog at 0830. I headed west to go home to Tamworth and found clear sky 5 miles out, looking behind it was solid. Straight line track would have been over high unfriendly ground in poor conditions.
  12. Am looking at Sunday morning if weather is kind.
  13. 182 AH is a bit out and 56 years young. Maybe when STC model is available it would be a good replacement. looks good and seems very functional.
  14. Found them (Andrews race cars) very helpful for small quantities of 4130 also.
  15. ClintonB

    Killer Gas

    I think i might look into an alarm now. My 182 is old and the baggage are is not well sealed. very informative.
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