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  1. Very sad to hear. More of our aviation family gone. RIP and thoughts out to all your families
  2. We had several people in a hanger, leasing off a partnership who leased from council. Thanks to council bs we now have an empty locked up hanger, with airplanes sitting outside, or stored a long way from home in some cases. This building was on airport when handed to council ownership, it was a recycled airforce building from the original airport. It would have been generating $800 per month minimum from the private planes in it plus more from the commercial operation in there. go figure
  3. Hydration pouch a good idea, most ditching would occur in sea water ( I assume in Australia anyway)
  4. The first tig i bought was the CIG inverter type which just happens come with a lift tig kit. It is a bit harder to learn on, but my lame mate used it for a lot of the repairs on the bushbaby airframe which worked just fine. not overly expensive and light as onetrack stated. You can now "buy" smaller argon bottles with no lease payments each year and a good bobbin regulator is a great investment. cheers
  5. Cameras on the day I turned back showed all clear at Armidale, and view from Tamworth was ok. It was once I climbed into the smoke above the range it got worse, what looked blue above me was just too high up to clear. Forward and below just went white in and instant. The eyeball on the ground is what I will be looking for, but the way it’s going, I will probably have to drive. All because no closer business wants to help this customer out. i was looking forward to going somewhere new. clinton
  6. A more concentrated heat source would have probably aided in the guys you tube vid to heat exactly where he needed it to be. That blanket heating of a MAP torch is not really suitable. I have a nice tig that with lots of practice I am starting to weld better. It won’t happen first time. I have spent hours watching a Lame mate welding for me and talking me through process. There are Tig welders out there cheaper now than ever before. It just takes more practice with them to learn the perfect settings for each job. I have a henrob torch that I first bought due to the field days demo, but far more tricky to learn on than TIG.
  7. thanks, I am going to use every resource I can find, I had a little encounter with smoke a few weeks ago which was scary- I didn't even make it out of the control zone and requested to turn back due to decreasing vis. . cheers clinton
  8. Are there any flying members based in Parkes able to give me a pilots opinion on smoke haze in the area. I need to fly VFR down to do a job there in the next 2 weeks or so. If you could pm me with contact details so I could maybe give you a call the day before to get an opinion on conditions it would be appreciated, it may be on a Saturday when I get to leave. cheers clinton
  9. What a terrible weekend. Condolences to all that know the pilots/passengers
  10. What sauce comes with the ribs??. Problem when cruising on boat. Everything becomes about food. No flying doing my head in.
  11. Like the new avatar Bex. did not recognise it at first ready the Thailand plane response. cheers Clintonb
  12. most of us seem to be the type of deviants who haunt both sites, so it makes sense to merge. I am particularly fond of the funnies, I always need a laugh to make the day bearable being at work whilst the sun shines and the winds are fair. cheers clinton
  13. I had a work warranty claim for work involving "plastic rivits". retail if purchased as $12 ea, we needed 8. we had an airbag with 3 turn up ($22.00 each time), then an air bag with 1 more from a different depot, with the other 4 on back order. Turns out after the stupid freight debacle- they were the wrong part. the correct ones were shipped direct to the customer by supplier after this in another freight bag with the other half of the clips he did not need, (another $18 dollar part by 8 units) all because 4 fridge shelves were not locked in place by factory worker. Efficiency at its best.
  14. Tamworth to Orange and back to drop a mate off before work this morning. 3hrs 12 minutes air time. Very nice way to start the day. Wind was all but non existent. Bumps were minimal. Added a new strip to my list of landing places. Found a weird anomaly with my iPad tracking though. There was an aircraft in same vicinity and height over orange- could not see and no reply on radio. Later when looking at my track history it shows me making a weird triangle hourglass shape over orange township. Has anyone else had this happen before. Also 2 “ghosting” planes coming towards me at Coolah at same height but not there.
  15. I found the zero forward airspeed when trimming back all the way a bit unsettling at first. It was an interesting ride though.
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