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  1. ClintonB

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Bushbaby 500 from kitplanes for Africa.
  2. ClintonB

    RPL fees

    I thought an RPL did not cost per year, but requirement to pay for medical $75.00 unless you have extra stuff to test for. also BFR to be completed. should still need RAAus membership, and current Raa BFR to jump in numbers plane. i don’t think my RAAus is current due to not taking BFR on time, even though I fly around 50 hrs a year in VH rego. cheers clinton
  3. What’s better than owning 1 warbirds. Owning 2 stuck together. Got to love that sound.
  4. ClintonB

    Back in the Air!

    Hope it is going well for you Brent. Nothing more fun than getting back in the air. cheers clinton
  5. That’s not a lot of time from stoppage until the ground is there. Maybe time for some practice next flight.
  6. Hope he is Ok. Must be scary watching those houses and trees coming towards you with no other options.
  7. ClintonB

    F111 cockpit for sale $50k

    Why USA citizens only, is old tech now. Would be great with a fighter game installed.
  8. ClintonB

    Jacobson Flair

    My brain hurts. Too much overload and too hot to go flying☹️
  9. I don't think anyone has made an accurate gauge, fuel flow meter measuring what has been used versus known quantity via accurate dip-stick or visually full tanks of a known capacity would be the best way of determining fuel remaining. cars, caravans and trucks are not reliable in tank gauges.
  10. ClintonB

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Might just need the cylinder bolts tightening up a bit? Looks like it is all still there.
  11. ClintonB

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    Same here Bex, best of luck with the op and recovery, want to see your project at the end when you’re better. cheers clintonb
  12. Fire works and a helicopter ride, what could be more fun.😁
  13. ClintonB

    Killer Gas

    I think i might look into an alarm now. My 182 is old and the baggage are is not well sealed. very informative.
  14. Just wondering if it is too cold to fly in the UK, missing looking at the interesting models Dominicm posts videos of.
  15. ClintonB

    Power Plants

    Got to be a few mines that need filling somewhere, just down the road is the hunter valley