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  1. All up I have spent 79 hrs with instructors, 6 hrs 20 years ago, the Raaus was around 35 inc endorsements then BFR’s plus I have grabbed an instructor after a bit of a scare on base to final until my confidence came back. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help.
  2. I took 26 hrs to go from RPC to RPL, found going to 182 for learning meant getting used to weight difference, performance, the prop and mixture stuff, then cross country and minimum instrument time. Also some time spent getting used to radio in tower time compared to CTAF time in Raaus flying.
  3. Very sad outcome. Friday morning weather was bad enough at Armidale, approx 500 feet cloud/fog at 0830. I headed west to go home to Tamworth and found clear sky 5 miles out, looking behind it was solid. Straight line track would have been over high unfriendly ground in poor conditions.
  4. Am looking at Sunday morning if weather is kind.
  5. 182 AH is a bit out and 56 years young. Maybe when STC model is available it would be a good replacement. looks good and seems very functional.
  6. Found them (Andrews race cars) very helpful for small quantities of 4130 also.
  7. ClintonB

    Killer Gas

    I think i might look into an alarm now. My 182 is old and the baggage are is not well sealed. very informative.
  8. Did a great job under pressure and calmly. Glad the the outcome was good. Hope the instructor is ok.
  9. Good odds you will have another aviator in the making there. looks like a good day out.
  10. Would the full flap takeoff inhibit speed build up. Hell the cessna is slow enough on tar with 20 degrees(1/2 flap)
  11. Cloud Dancer sparked my love of the Pitts aircraft, pretty dodgy by modern movie standards-no CGI back then. At school (early 80's)we watched an old film on reels with a bunch of kids stopping bad guys with remote control spitfires- RC gear had 1 stick and as huge. I have never been able to find out what it was called. After that I started building model aircraft.
  12. Very sad loss of an aviator. I was only just reading his last closing article in sport pilot about letting go of a plane. I will miss reading his work, have filled a lot of bad weather days reading magazines with his articles. RIP Mark
  13. Is that a runner. Scale spitfire would be awesome with a 12 cylinder sound.
  14. Pack your fishing gear, I moved to Carnarvon just for the fishing in the late nineties. Had some great times there. I miss the climate and tucker from there now. Pindan Is it true the ship wreck gone from the cliff base now? near the salt jetty at cape cuvier.
  15. The Avgas bill would be more than this. And there are always specials when planning ahead. the country (emerald) bits are the killer $$$wise
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