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  1. ClintonB

    Jacobson Flair

    My brain hurts. Too much overload and too hot to go flying☹️
  2. I don't think anyone has made an accurate gauge, fuel flow meter measuring what has been used versus known quantity via accurate dip-stick or visually full tanks of a known capacity would be the best way of determining fuel remaining. cars, caravans and trucks are not reliable in tank gauges.
  3. ClintonB

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Might just need the cylinder bolts tightening up a bit? Looks like it is all still there.
  4. ClintonB

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    Same here Bex, best of luck with the op and recovery, want to see your project at the end when you’re better. cheers clintonb
  5. Fire works and a helicopter ride, what could be more fun.😁
  6. ClintonB

    Killer Gas

    I think i might look into an alarm now. My 182 is old and the baggage are is not well sealed. very informative.
  7. Just wondering if it is too cold to fly in the UK, missing looking at the interesting models Dominicm posts videos of.
  8. ClintonB

    Power Plants

    Got to be a few mines that need filling somewhere, just down the road is the hunter valley
  9. ClintonB

    Lower your MTOW

    Fresh meat and Vegetables work well, funny that when there was less take away options on every corner and people ate at home we all seemed slimmer and more active. I’m only a seventies vintage and I do not recall seeing so many large people as now (including in the mirror)
  10. ClintonB

    Power Plants

    Our local storage dam had the wall raised a few years ago by 2 metres. It took away the road on the far side, increased the storage by 50%. But they did not think to dig out the millions of tonnes of silt from the shallow end whilst the dam was close to empty for 4 or 5 years. It appeared to be several metres deep even in the river entry end (judging by the original landscape shape). The increase in depth would have to be a gain better than surface area.
  11. ClintonB

    Lower your MTOW

    I found the Man Challenge works in changing your mind set on food and works for a small input of exercise with no machinery/equipment. i have only gained weight back due to laziness (not spending 1/2 hr walking and 10 mins exercising each day) which I i now have to work harder at.
  12. ClintonB

    A riveting weekend

    :score 010:just like a gull wing mercedes
  13. ClintonB

    Tell us about your last flight

    Why is no-one ever around to see that perfect landing. Had a short local flight over the local recreation dam this arvo, which finished with a straight in greaser. Made the hour or so to get out of the hanger worthwhile.
  14. They are usually Impressed with early morning, no bump flights to the coast, not the roller coaster ride coming home too late in the day over the range. ( my experience has found this out, very green coloured passengers upon return journeys)
  15. Diamonds :))))))))))))))))))))))) For the wife that is And for the value of the experience along the way.