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  1. Would the full flap takeoff inhibit speed build up. Hell the cessna is slow enough on tar with 20 degrees(1/2 flap)
  2. Cloud Dancer sparked my love of the Pitts aircraft, pretty dodgy by modern movie standards-no CGI back then. At school (early 80's)we watched an old film on reels with a bunch of kids stopping bad guys with remote control spitfires- RC gear had 1 stick and as huge. I have never been able to find out what it was called. After that I started building model aircraft.
  3. Very sad loss of an aviator. I was only just reading his last closing article in sport pilot about letting go of a plane. I will miss reading his work, have filled a lot of bad weather days reading magazines with his articles. RIP Mark
  4. Is that a runner. Scale spitfire would be awesome with a 12 cylinder sound.
  5. Pack your fishing gear, I moved to Carnarvon just for the fishing in the late nineties. Had some great times there. I miss the climate and tucker from there now. Pindan Is it true the ship wreck gone from the cliff base now? near the salt jetty at cape cuvier.
  6. The Avgas bill would be more than this. And there are always specials when planning ahead. the country (emerald) bits are the killer $$$wise
  7. ClintonB


  8. This made me look on eBay, now watching several large projects that look “cheap” and fixable. I always see things how they will be, not how the wife sees them. Somebody slap me please!
  9. Maybe a pimped up thruster on floats?
  10. The hit cancel worked a treat, picked my first tap as origin. Easy to do that way.
  11. Kitplanes for Africa, Bushbaby 500 and safari. I can find some pics and maybe SteveL from forum has a fairly recent one. They are similar to the Kitfox
  12. How do you remember which is yours. All the same and way too faaassst
  13. Very sad, especially with family there waiting/watching. Fire chief said plane was inbound with nine on board, wondering if that is correct as jumpers should have been gone when inbound.
  14. Thanks for the info all. Will test out on tomorrow’s flight. Cheers Clinton
  15. thanks. will do
  16. Hi All, I cannot figure out how to get a plan started on Oz runways without it selecting me at home with a 5 mile leg to point of origin ie home to YSTW. When i tap airfield it only has option to add to plan, not start from there. Is there something i am missing. I want to print plan sheet which I can only do at home. Any tips appreciated. thanks
  17. Whatever this one is, it looks good. Paint and colour choice could have probably made the previous one look better.
  18. Does anyone have info on weekends event at Moree. I am not on Bookface and you need to log on for details. I would like to attend Saturday morning with info on procedures, approach, limited times etc. Cheers Clinton
  19. Just watched current affair. What a bunch of Douches. Typical of greenies and desk jockeys that have never done anything but criticise any one doing their own thing or having a go. I bet the airfield was there way before any of the people complaining were living there. They more than likely would have bought cheap because of location, then go on to complain. I hope this is a battle that goes in the favour of all of you guys who use and make a living from the airfield. Good luck
  20. Supplying the arm mounted jet pods sounds a better idea. I haven’t seen any new videos on them lately, but they were impressive. At least you could only splat one at a time with them.
  21. went there a few weeks ago, the little radial on the front was different. Suprised at no real forward vision. The lady at front desk was helpful, maybe she could send photos of the info displayed around the plane.
  22. First trip to Narromine today, test run for new car by after last flights failure ( carby broke inside) Museum is interesting. Will go back again with more time and my young fella with me.
  23. My bad, transposed the letters by accident.
  24. Added a Tecnam Sierra to the list of aircraft I have flown today. Nice light aircraft to handle after the 182 for so long. Looking forward to my next jaunt in it. YTSW put on a beaut morning for it.
  25. I sika flexed an aluminium plate to the firewall of a foam and plastic electric mustang, then bolted a .15 glow engine to it. I hand launched it with motor running and the torque tore the front clean out of it after about 10 feet. Modifications are fun learning experiences.
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