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  1. Hope you will 80knots... Panel has Trig radio + transponder and a nice Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running EasyVFR
  2. Hey Friends, it has been some while since my last post. Sorry I was bussy flying my Savannah. First 10 hours I did solo flights then my friends wanted to go with me. I love the look on their face, when we are crusing the air. Right now the hobs couter reads 76 hours and the list of friends to go flying is much longer then the list of friends already done it. I want to take the opportunity to again say thanks to you. You where a great help. What would I have done without the collection of tipps I got esp. from Mark and Kyle. Thanks Guys... you are great!
  3. After my first 15 hours.... 12,5liter 130kmh It ist no fun to fly 150kmh in turbulent summer Weather Climb rate is very good Handling is great
  4. Problem partly solved. Seems the clamps holding the rudder pedals where to thight. I just put 2 Nm on the bolts, but even that was to tight for new parts with paint on them. I love flying my Savannah!
  5. Thanks for the advise, I will check that. And Bob, now that you mention it, I remember, when I installed the bungee, my front leg became stiff too. But I see no way to change that.
  6. By now, I have 30 landings with my Savannah and 25 more in a teachers Savannah. Slowly I am getting used to it. Esp. the amount of trimming is new to me. In flight school C42 there was no trimming needed. There is one thing I need to solve. My rudder does not move easy enough. It needs a little to much force and seems to move kind of stepwise (hope this was english). Any idea?
  7. Yes Dan, this Savannah smile mine....
  8. Thanks Bob, I am very excited. Now, there is much learning to do, like it was while building. There have already been 3 hours of training on a flightschool Savannah, but still I do not feel "at home" while doing circuit training. Esp. the need for so much trimming is new to me. And Bob, you have been a great help for as first time builder and spared me much trouble. Remember your wing tank tutorial? "No matter what ICP writes, DO NOT DRILL" ....Thanks Bob, come over for a beer or two any time.
  9. It seems, I spend every free minute with my built.... But I also invested (too) much time in side projects like flight sticks, avionics and custom dashbord. Much time can be safed by installing the ICP privided cables and instruments. A good manual could safe unnumbered hours and much frustration. So maybe the Savannah can be built in 500 hours The first flight took place on May, the 8th and was done by a flight instructor and Savannah owner himself. He was very pleased and would have switched planes instantly, because my Rotax runs amazingly smooth. On the 3. testflight, I was on the pla
  10. Well, thanks.... I'm still looking for some nice noseart. The ICP arrows look nice, but why built a plane all by yourself and then paint it like a factory bird? What do you thing of a siluette from "the jungle book" "Hakuna Matata" or the sabortooth squirrel from ice age chasing a nut....???
  11. The breaks seem to be o.k. just a little to full. On wednesday my plane had its final inspection and was declared airworthy. In a couple of days, when the paperwork is done, testflights can begin.
  12. Hi Sam, the Savannah is a good plane to built. Flight data are aviable in some weeks, because I'm just about to start test flights. If you are interested in building, you might want to check www.savannah-blog.de
  13. I hope my cylinders will work. If not it would be good to know what Matco cylinders to buy?
  14. NO... I will rather go to to the big "AERO" fair and protest in front of their show area, wearing nothing but a banner "Junksaler" Yes, thats the way I did it. It seems the upper part of the cylinder is kind of a resevoir and it is so full that smales changes bring it to overflow a little. Today I will try to fill the second cylinder an see how this one behaves...By the way.... Final inspection and first flight is planned for middle of May.
  15. I ran into trouble with the ICP brakes. Problem is: when I push some times on the cylinder some oil is starting to come out in bubbles. The oil is coming, when the cylinder is released. I don't know if this is o.k. and will end when the brake fluid level is leveled. The cylinder has no resevoir, don't ist? ( Sorry, can't find the right words, hope the meaning clear)
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