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  1. Sorry Rusty forgot to mention lift off is @ 50
  2. Steve Neal


  3. Gday Rusty, I’ve got 220 hrs now on my Pup MK4 with Jab 85 hp- cruise 90 knt @ 2650- stall 42 clean- 40 1/2 flap- 38 full flap. Could never get on top of my oil cooling until I modified the air intake over the oil cooler now it’s fine, how do you attach a pic to this chat? when I can get it to work I’ll send one through. Steve.
  4. Ok thanks just thought it seemed a bit high compared with my old SK Jab, guess I'll just keep an eye on it. Summer is almost over now so I probably have a bit of time to work things out, she's only got 50 hrs on the clock so things are also probably a bit tight also. Steve.
  5. Thanks Mike, still trying to navigate my way around this site.
  6. OOPS posted in the wrong spot, please have a look at general discussion if you have any ideas on oil temps on Jab powered Supapups or Aeropups, thanks Steve .
  7. Hi Folks just wondering if anyone that has a Supapup or Aeropup with the 2200 Jab could give me an idea of what oil temps they are running? I have the standard Supapup cowl with the oil cooler on the front of the sump behind the front air intake as per the plans but am having trouble keeping the oil temp below 80deg in cruise & 90 in climb sometimes higher .Have tried playing with the duct but am not having a lot of luck getting it any lower unless the outside air temp is low, admittedly the ambient has been around 25 to 30 lately in SA but my old SK Jab never run much over about 60deg no
  8. Gday Brett well clocked 2hrs yesterday and 1hr today and very happy with the performance , climb out @ 65 gives 1000 fpm, 2600 rpm gives 80 knt, 2700 gives 85 & 2800 gives 90. Not sure about fuel burn yet but all gauges stayed in the first 1/3 of the green, did a heap of stalls all in all very happy.
  9. Well 2hrs even went to 3500 to do the stall tests yelled several times but no reply?
  10. Gave her another weigh in without tool kits , fuel etc etc with proper scales and bought my self some leeway it's 229kg so I guess I don't have to lose as much weight as my Mrs keeps telling me!
  11. Morning Brett & Merry Xmas, yes interesting question she comes in at 249 kg empty. Not sure where the weight is but that seems heavy to me, I just sold an SKJab and that was only 259 empty so I guess I'll be losing some weight. It's plackarded 340 MAUW but I believe they were increased to 380???
  12. Thanks Brett was that a Jab powered unit?
  13. Yeah thanks Nev (it was auto correct by the way) Yes they seem to be a solid little aircraft , not sure how many of the MK1V's are around (4 VH registered in NSW I believe ). It appears the only difference between the MK1V and the MK4 ( which are the same value of course, why you wouldn't call it a MK5 Nowbody knows) is I think a folding wing and a little bit less span I have been told, maybe Alan may know? being an ex SupaPup owner. Steve.
  14. Thanks Alan and yes won't attempt to fly the "SuperPub" never was fond of auto correct. Used to own a Fisher Koala, much slower (55knt) with a lot more lift and totally different wing profile, docile wonderful little plane.( until you flew somewhere and the wind came up) But have 3 aircraft with nose wheels since then that all fly different, will probably give this one a go next wk after doing the W&B at the local airfield , this one has the Jab motor so I'll give it a good looking over prior to flight. Fortunately it's the solid lifter as was my last so very basic.
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