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  1. I took a look at Nigel Arnotts site and was very surprised to see the video of his Sukhoi demo at Wanaka in 1998, I was there that day and remember it well. It was the first time I'd seen a modern monoplane display, everything up to that point had been Pitts displays (which were also great), but this was another league. I think his display was to Queens "Having a good time", but can't pick it out from the video, maybe I've imagined that bit! Thanks for the info chaps!
  2. Well thanks for the info folks! That's given me a couple of very interesting spots to put on the agenda, and I've also had a generous offer from a forum member to go for a ride from Jacobs Well, I'm not sure if the boss will approve of my sneaking away but will see how negotiations go... If anyone has any other suggestions please do post them, I can't be the only visitor to the Gold Coast who is keen to see more than just the theme parks! Thanks, Craig
  3. Hi there, I'm visiting Surfers in a couple of weeks and wondered if there are any places of interest for light aircraft spotting? Am aware of Southport Airfield, Jacobs Well Airfield, and Murwillumbah, not aware if they are welcoming of visitors or not. Any others worth looking up? I'm thinking up to an hour and a half drive or thereabouts. Thanks.
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