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  1. Jacques 78 I was flying from Whittleasea but took my Hummerchute up to NQ last year to try and get some flying in while there. Will get it back here eventually I suppose but as I move between each destination regularly I need a PPC in both locations!! I would like to build my own next time though. Cheers Mark
  2. That's right, Rushmore. What date is it again? Doubt I will be there though.
  3. Hey Nashie. Mark here - remember I met you at that fly-in over Elmore way - last year? I was with my old dad. Anyway I brougjt my ppc up to north Qld while looking after dad but only managed one flight! Currently in the process of taking it to a field near Townsville and hopefully get some hours in there. Still interested in upgrading to something a bit more comfortable.
  4. That is extendind my piloting experience - not some hybrid thing that flies in three different ways!
  5. G'day I'm a powered parachute flyer and in the processing of relocating it to Townsville. Interested in building one as well and in the possibility of extending to fixed or rotor wing later. Mark
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