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  1. I'll definitely be looking through the syllabus and doing a bit more research at all of my options before I charge in. Safety and adequate training is paramount in my eyes in my priorities of learning to fly, so I will be weighing up my options of all the different schools available to me in my area before I make a decision. While I don't intend to become a commercial pilot in the near future, having the versatility of being able to fly different planes, as well as opportunities for continuing development in piloting skills is very appealing to me. I'll definitely note the additional advan
  2. Thank you all for the replies! Definitely a lot of information to take in, but from what you've all told me, it seems like RA-Aus would be the best approach for me, given the many components and endorsements that will carry over to an RPL for the PPL pathway in the future. The paperwork part still seems a bit muddy, but I'll figure that out as it comes. As long as they carry over, that's all that matters. So, it's looking like I'll end up going to the Adelaide Soaring Club then, which would offer both gliding and RA-Aus training, but I don't live too far from both Gawler Aerodrome and Pa
  3. At the moment, I am leaning towards Adelaide Soaring Club, but the only thing holding me back is whether or not it would be more cost efficient to learn RPL straight off the bat or go with Adelaide Soaring Club and convert to RPL at a later stage. While I do appreciate the advantage in regards to a commercial aviation job, my degree is related to another field, so it's unlikely that I'd end up down that path at the moment.
  4. Hi all, I'm currently a final year university student and an avid aviation fan since childhood. Having completed my final exams, this year is free for me to hopefully learn how to fly a plane and obtain a license for recreational flying. My end goal is to be able to take my family and friends on general flights, for instance Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, as well as to simply fly for fun. I would also work on gaining further training and endorsements after this in order to do so following gaining a basic license. PPL is on my goal list in the long term once I start working next year and
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