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  1. shags_j


  2. For cfs, clearance is with bn centre at that level. Lodging a fight plan will hero immensely with getting your clearance but as always it depends on traffic. Enjoy the flight
  3. Pretty good though there are gaps in coverage, especially down low and at some aerodromes
  4. We can still see if you are on adsb, even if you are showing as a radar paint. There is a little b that appears on your label indicating we are getting an adsb signal as well
  5. RJW: lots of ifs here. i) we have radar for center from a040 and up. The tower has radar for situational awareness only, not for seperation. ii) depends on ifr, vfr, tower open ornot. Best to discuss this with your instructor. Good luck
  6. So my broker phoned all the insurers who cover this and none of them had a definition of an ultralight even though they load for them (or exclude). So after much tooing and froing we got a response from my one (and remember this doesn't go for everyones so check with your own policy) but they said that MTOW of 480kg or less is an ultralight. SDQDI: A simple email didn't do it. My broker has been showing me their emails and they are just back and forth without giving a definition. We had to escalate it right up to get the definition.
  7. Well that sucks. I believe it's about $300 for the bluetooth adaptor which makes all of this offer seem really shit.
  8. As far as us gettting it to link to a flight plan tjen yeah if your ident matches your flightid it links easily. I'll find out what the exact thing should be though
  9. I have actually asked around about this and cant get a reply from anyone. Possibly the briefing office may know but we don't deal with them directly
  10. Hi All, If anyone is sitting on a tonne of Qantas frequent flyer points and have nothing to do with them, you can convert them for Bose products including the A20. I have 200,000 points which I think gets me a headset for free, or near enough. Just an FYI if anyone is interested. Cheers, Shags
  11. Hi All, Recently picked up some Trauma insurance and they wanted to charge me a heap more to fly "Ultralights" so I excluded it from my policy. Given I'm giving up my RAAus membership I didn't really care. For 3 months I have been trying to get a response from them on what their definition of an ultralight is (could be anything smaller than a 737, who knows with Insurers) but no response so far. Just wondering if anyone knows any official definitions in the meantime, cao's, regs, anything? Cheers, Shags
  12. If I file a VFR flight plan will ATC know my route? - Yes but with some caveats you are still flying the route that was submitted in the flight plan We don't always have automatic access to your flight plan. Usually we have to request it from the FDC's and then we can access it. It can be tough to find Jabiru 1234's flight plan if it is listed as say JAB1234, or maybe 241234 etc. Helps if you let us know what you filed as the flight id. If you call us 10nm before CTA and say you have a plan, sometimes it just may not be long enough. As per the above it can take a bit of time to get the plan so don't leave it to the last minute to request code and clearance. Hope this helps.
  13. Absolutely depends on traffic. When jets are being sequenced into Sydney, Gold Coast or Brisbane there just isn't physical space to put a slow flyer in the middle of it all. APLUND: Are there any specifics about how it works that you would like to know? Plenty on here that will help you out if we can. Unfortunately there just isn't the ability to bring visitors in atm due to the security levels.
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