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  1. Thanks Mark. Your advise is highly appreciated.
  2. Hey Guys, it is not about removing rivets. The big issue would be the 4 holes I drilled at the 2 lower points of the engine mount. So I rather wait for ICP to answer, befor I jump to action.
  3. Yes, thanks Bob. You are right. One thing I like so much about all-aluminium birds is there allday use qualities.
  4. I am not sure, I realy have to drill out the rivets. The bird passed the inspection like it is. I would humbly redo this section, but one problem are the 4 bolts betwen engine mount, extrusions and firewall. Theyre holes would not fit in the new (3mm deeper) position. Also drilling out so many important rivets along SL26 / 27 and thereby enlarging the holes might be critical. Considering all, it might be better to leave it like it is. So I asked ICP, if things can stay like they are.
  5. Very funny, Richard. But good you are back. I almost feared, something bad did happen to you!
  6. I don't know if you that same saying down under but: "I could bite my own ass" Look what i did! Do you see the mistake?
  7. Yes, this difference XL - S was not clear to me. I sometimes heard sometimes otherwise. Thanks again Mark! I gues will try to go for a battery on the inner side of the firewall, to keep the cable lenght short. I need to do all I can to built the bird lightweight, because we have a MTOW of 472,5 kg in germany. So 5kg in battery and 500g in cable is real good saving.
  8. I like the idea with the bracked! Very nice. The balance problem you had, was not fully clear to me. I was reading it but could not get all traight. Now is better. Thanks.
  9. Yes, Mark. That is exactly the position, I had in mind. I assume the pump works fine there. Any problems? Thanks. This is good to know. I was always wondering, about you changing the battery position in your XL. If the S-Model don't needs the extra weight aft, the the firewall would be a good position. I don't realy know, if the battery and other electronic stuff, like the RDAC would be in healthy climate under the cowling. What do you think? Better put stuff like that on the cabin side of the firewall, even when the other side offers much easier access?
  10. Finding the right position.... I'm wondering, if it might be a good idea to consider alternativ positions for some parts. Maybe the expirienced builders can help me sort this out. ---- I want to use a lightweight LiFePo battery. Where to put it? 1. position as per plan 2. under the pasenger or pilot seat 3. inside of the firewall 4. outside the firewall Surely short cables are better than long cables. But what might count against it? ---- Why is that electric fuel pump under the cowling and near the mechanical pump? Why not put it just after the header tank? There is a nice place where the fuel line goes from right to left, easy to reach, just beside the trap door. Thanks!
  11. Sure, but if one would like have two? Could a 3 stage relay be an option?
  12. Thanks Perry, what a relief. I was kind of uncertain, if I did something wrong to produce this gap. A patch from the opposite side is good idea. Will try to to it that way.
  13. Thanks... Will the rubber even close a 2cm gap?
  14. There is this saying: "90 % done - 90% to go" Seems I'm just in the middle of if. And I must admit, I don't like it to much. Much of the time is spend figguring out what to do next and how to do it. One problem is, by now my built has unfinished parts all over the chapters. This surely is my fault. I wish there would be a staight forward instruction book. But then the savannah comes from ICP and not from LEGO. Some small issue I have is about the cabin frame. It sits way back in the opening of the skin. (1. picture is from the book) Will this cause problems with the lexan windscreen? A gap perhaps?
  15. Don't know what you mean? From memory the dimensions are 18cm wide and high and 30 cm deep. It can't be longer because there is the ventilation outlet. I used just enough space from the instrument panel, like is already covered by an ordinary 10" android tablet.
  16. Little progress lately. We have summer hollidays. After a longer periode of reading, thinking and messuering, I drilled and rivited the cabin frame. I had great respect for his part, because I wanted to do it right. The cabin frame surery is an expensiv part to ruin by haste. So I took my time... Second project was / is the glovebox. I put it together using some spare aluminium from the tank covers. It will be hidden behind a flap ( door ) with a 10" tablet on it. Left and right will be rather small instrument panels. As advised I ordered a MGL Stratomaster Efis and XADC SP-6 and -7. This will save much space.
  17. It comes the time to think about color. The picture showes how I would like it to be, if I can make it. ICP is doing the paint job on the fully assembled plane, I was told. From what I have seen on your builts, you are not. May sound stupid. But.... What is the best time for painting?
  18. After some time off and much consideration, I did drill the cabin frame. For me the diagonals where hard to measure. The end points can't be reached directly and are not on parallel pieces. The tip from Kyle Com helped a lot.
  19. Dont know if it helps. But there is no such part in the manual or sparepart list of the Savannah-S
  20. There was this talking about not drilling the wheels but using tubes with 90deg. stem and condor and... Could I use simple tubes with 90deg. and the provided tyres. Or do I misunderstand the hole topic? I would buy something like that: Amazon.com: Stens 170-054 Tube, Replaces Carlisle: 3202900, Tubesize: 15-6-6, 15-6.00-6, 15x6.00-6, 15x6.00x6, 15x6x6, Stem Angle Type: 90 Degrees/TR87: Industrial & Scientific
  21. Sorry have not tried yet. But I will buy some tubes with 90deg. valve, when time comes.
  22. Does anybody know a good ( easy to read and understand ) instruction on how to wire a plane. I'm kind of looking for the Do's and Dont's.... For instance? Can the body of an alloy plane be used as ground wire? Is soldering and shrink tube o.k.? If NO.... not even for sensor cables on D25 connectors? ....
  23. Is there any chance to built them from leftover alu (tank cover)? Perhapes someone has more photos? A cup holder seems usefull to.
  24. I will have to do the wiring by myself. What to hold against automotive grade cables?
  25. Well, maybe hanging upsidedown from a tree would help even better... ;-)
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