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  1. Thanks Kyle for the infos about MGL. Very helpful. I was lost in their huge product spectrum and did not realise the efis had pitot and static built in. I was thinking I would need the IBox to get it working. Also good to know that 2 Efis can share all the modules. Thanks Richard for the affordable store in europe.
  2. Yes, there will definitly be a parachute in my bird. It is the law. And it has to be one of the types listet in the "Gerätekennblatt": BRS-5-UL-4 BRS-6-1050 SP Junkers Magnum ........ USH 520 SP ICP send me a very good manual for this part.
  3. Now I am confused. One display and RDAC are for engine monitoring. So far I understand. The 2. display is for EFIS, o.k. but I don't understand if and why I need this AHRS module.
  4. Well o.k. then. I must admit the info on the MGL homepage is a little confusing for me. Can you connect pitot and static directly to the Xtreme EFIS?
  5. O.K. but you need a rdac for the engine and an iBox for the avionic sensors. Right?
  6. So I heard... 90% finished - 90% to go.... Just hope this is not true.... Don't like to think for hours just if the hose goes ober this peace or under or around ... and no progress to see
  7. No, I don't want to built the Efis and EMS myself, al least not this time. I would rather get into the air... MGL looks good too. I have no chance to compare. The AVmap stuff is a little smaller but fully intergrated vs. MGL is seperate. You need the two displays and an engine sensor module and an avionics module, right?
  8. Yes, I can already picture myself, spending hours after hours brooding fruitless over the engine installation...
  9. A part that gave me a hard time, was the first frame of the rear fuselage. I rivited and drilled out for 3 times!!! Alway tried to get the angle right and failed. Finaly I clecoed the part together and used a peace of wood to fix the angle, while the frame was in the plane.
  10. Way ahead of schedule I just finished my rear fuselage. It was a great joy to built. Even the manual was good to read and understand. So much earlier than expected I have to think about the next steps and the next things to procur. - Avionics : a bundle of AVmap Ultra Efis and Engibox would be nice and space saving. A small 4,3" MGL double would be nice too, but its 2.500 Euro compared to 1.500 Euro for Avmap - carpet or no carpet, is an other question - seats (non adjustable), buy them from ICP or make them
  11. Cool thing! How long do you have to wait? Are in possesion of an actual manual?
  12. Thanks, but don't worry. I took pictures of the factory plane and are fine now. I would like to try a solid fill. I don't have CNC equipment. But an old manual machine. I hope maybe I can use some everyday stuff to make a mould. Guess it has to be very polished to get a clear result. Any hints are wellcome.
  13. Yesterday I had my first flight in a Savannah. It was was a 7 hours drive to get there, but worth the trip. Next sunday I will have my theoretical exam for my pilots licence. So no building this week, but learning. Anyway, last weekend, after prepping all parts, I started the rear fuselage. This went quick and was so much fun. Even the manual is great!!!
  14. Well, I marked the position, where I would position the brackets for the wing support. I have just one wingtank, so rib 3 is on the outside of the tank. The middle of the small pieces go to 3. hole. Right?
  15. Yes, will see. Do you have a possibility to check if the LED modules have an intern PWM circut? This might jam the radio. Any idea how to get a mould to do the clear resin bath?
  16. Don't worry... until then everything can be different
  17. Does anybody know this little tool??? It allowes to pull a rivet, that is to deep hidden in a corner. You can pull at an angle and still got the rivet head tight on the skin. I have seen it in an EAA video.
  18. I used Skee's list to verify my kit content and added to the list... The result is a mix with some mistakes and unclear points, due to different built years and kit options, like double steering 1. collum is my counting 2. is the part no 3. is the number of pc. needed Savannah-Liste-1.pdf Savannah-Liste-1.pdf
  19. Best I make a photo of my "place of choice" befor I use a drill....and you give me thumbs up or down
  20. worked a little on my Strobe project... results are very prommissing... the LED modules 12V 10W work o.k., but are not the best choice... they must have already drivers or other unwanted electronic in them... Much better are the seperate 3W Power LEDs.... 3 of them in line on 12V give a blindingly bright burst... I used 6 of them in my little test run shopping list: - 3Pcs Digispark Kickstarter Micro USB Development Board For ATTINY85 Arduino 1047663 €6.30 - 10pcs 3W LED Lamp Bulb Chips 200-230Lm White/Warm White Beads 960389 €2.15 - 5Pcs IRFZ44N Transistor N-Channel International Rectifier Power Mosfet 953278 €1.89 (the prices are together and not per peece) here are the videos: http://savannah-blog.de/uploads/20170523_214025.mp4 http://savannah-blog.de/uploads/20170523_214518.mp4
  21. o.k. third. rib is clear .... It is the third 3,2mm hole counted from the spar....Do I have to go forward or backward from the spar? ... and I put the middle of 451 on that third hole and drill the outer holes, right?
  22. I don't know where the parts 451/452 go... Is this riveted to rib 3 where the tank cover is? Savannah-S-english-44-46.pdf Savannah-S-english-44-46.pdf
  23. You might wan't to consider the resale value.... just in case you get bored and want to sell overseas... ;-) Same thing in germany. We may fly 30 min befor sunrise and after sunset. I will put a 3 Watt red and green in.... it dosn't hurt... Life can be challenging! So can the italien manual. ... I have to remove some rivets. Parts 451 and 452 must be wrong. But after reading the instructiuon for the ten'th time, I still don't know where to put them. The german translation is even more twisted. It reads about lether and brocken parts... totaly maddening... Can some one please help???
  24. Lookes nice, but would they not decrease the viewing angle. I would rather use a sixpack of LEDs pointing in different directions, covering a wide angle. And of corse there needs to be the green or red countinous LED pointing forward. Hope I will get the rest soon to try. Thanks for the link. I will see if I can find some in germany.
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