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  1. The HARS ex RAAF Lockheed Orion just flew overhead at 1055am today 6/3/2019. Might be its first flight following restoration.
  2. Kasp I was pointing out that they can't get the date right. Nothing to do with the first post.
  3. The financial statement seemed good until I noted in the last sentence the board advises it will meet again in March 2018. Hope this is the only error in the figures.
  4. Agree Just to mention re post No 1 that the first Gyro accident in Orange (not the color orange) appears to have been an TAG airframe (folding mast feature) problem. See the ASRA website safety directive 2018/01 for details.
  5. Menindee is east of Broken Hill isnt it? Big dust storm there wednesday moving east
  6. Hi again. A memorial list of those killed has been created and is in a local church. The link below shows the memorial. The header photo is hard to read in part due to the photo angle. There is a straight on photo at the end of the page but it is blurry. http://www.wiltshire-opc.org.uk/Items/Imber/Imber - 70th Anniversary plaque of friendly fire.pdf
  7. Might it have an effect on the plain english converter?
  8. For Australia. Happens 9 November. See the BOM home page or Recreational Aviation Australia latest newsletter 31 October for details.
  9. JEM

    near beaudesert...2 deceased

    Here is another link My condolences. So sad. Two dead in light plane crash south-west of Brisbane
  10. Check out this video. Top one on the link page. 528 mph. World Warbird News
  11. JEM


    Yes thread is Update your ERC Low Vic Cheers Jem
  12. JEM


    PS. Check the governing bodies forum for the latest from Airservices
  13. Ozrunways advised me by email last night Friday 8 September 2017 that airservices had issued an incorrect 2016 ERC.2 Vic map instead of the correct current map to all digital providers with the download currently in use. They Recommend update this and ERCLow National on ozrunways before next flight.