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  1. c722352

    Rotax 503

    If you want to carry a passenger 582. Had both, one up the 503 feels to handle alot better. of course nothing beats the 912.
  2. c722352

    Strut-braced Drifter Wing Details

    If you have a wire braced 582 just put the 80 hp on the back. dont try and change it to a strut based makes the aircraft a lot heavier, here in Australia it is frowned upon for this reason by the regulating body.
  3. c722352

    Drifter Fan!

    The answer to the question is yes. We where one of the first to use the MARAP process, we have kept the 25 reg and its advantages it was a very long and expensive process, but once we started we had to see it through.
  4. c722352

    Drifter Fan!

    Still the same 25 rego.
  5. c722352

    Drifter Fan!

    I can answer one part for you 912 can be retro fitted to a wire braced Ausflight done it. Retro fitting the Strut braced seems to be a no go due to the take off weight. However unless you have alot of cash, time and love doing paper work I would forget it
  6. c722352

    Gympie club break on Sunday

    Going. best and cheapest breakfast I have found. Fortunately I live 3 k from the airfield. biased
  7. Still waiting for last years precipitation certificate along with the 5 other people who flew with me last year. still I will be up. bet they sell a lot of tee shirts. cynical me.
  8. c722352

    Gympie Fly In

    August 5th & 6th 2017 There will be increase in aircraft traffic at the Gympie Aerodrome on the weekend of the 5th & 6th of August. A NOTAM will be issued prior to the weekend. A ground frequency of 127.9 will be used by ground operations staff on Sunday the 6th of August. Once landed at YGYM please switch to this frequency. Refuelling facilities at the aerodrome will be very difficult to access on Sunday the 6th of August due to stationary aircraft on the primary hard stand. If visiting the facility and staying overnight please refuel your aircraft on the Saturday the 5thof August if you require to. Aircraft taking part in the Open Day static display are required to be in place before 900 hrs on Sunday the 6th. There will be regular bus transfers from Cumulus Airpark to the main display area throughout the day on Sunday. Once positioned in the display, Aircraft will need to remain in place until the close of the event at 1500 hrs. On ground contact is Paul Garrahy 0436 474 011.
  9. c722352

    Gympie Fly In

    CTAF 126.7 in the area. pilots will be informed of ground frequency. if in use at time, the only other delay could be the C17 if it is in the area.
  10. c722352

    Gympie Fly In

    Its on this coming weekend, please let us know if your coming
  11. c722352

    Changes at Gympie

    dont get to excited might be a long way off
  12. c722352

    Changes at Gympie

    Havn't the foggiest who threw this into the mix about 12 near misses, could not find any verifying facts. correct me if I'm wrong. there is a hard core of people who live out here around the airport who continually complain to council about the noise from aircraft and helicopters, they have moved next to an airport knowingly, and expect rural peace and quite. And of course accolades to the ABC coverage as a prominent politician likes to state Fake news. No thats harsh its just the ABC being the ABC I live within a kilometer of the airport, I hate noisey helicopters after dark and the occasional idiot pilot who doesnt know the rules and flies much to low in the circuit, however I chose to live here knowing that a growing airport is close. if it gets to much I will sell up and move.
  13. Had a trip up to Great Keppell after Old Station. Informed that strip is closed to traffic hence the big X, pity its a terrific spot did get some great photos though.