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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. It's been a great help and I've learned heaps from following up your suggestions. I've seen one aircraft in particular I'd dearly love to grab but I'm going to get home and ruminate before I act. One thing I've been struck by is that used ultralights are a buyer's market and you gotta be sure. Once you buy one it could take months or years to sell if it's not what you really wanted. And if it's hangered that could cost you more than the plane is worth! Damn.
  2. X-Air is tricycle undercarriage too which pleases me. I'll put Lethbridge on my itinerary, any more info like a contact number or ad reference?
  3. G'day fellow aviators, I've just arrived in southern Qld and I'll be driving south to Tassy over the next twelve days hoping to see ultralight aircraft and learn more about them, maybe buy one. Suggestions welcome!
  4. Mad about Biggles, fifty years later still daydreaming about flying, maybe not just a fad. Looking for Thruster or similar, advice, ideas.
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