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  1. frank marriott

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Been flying for a couple of years now. Jamie’s J430.
  2. frank marriott

    Trikes at Whitsundays Airpark

  3. frank marriott

    Another jab down...pilot said the engine just stopped

    Facts will be of interest as with any accident. Bullshit and personal bias is of no interest and actually reflects on the poster. We have been through this crap before and just continual comments of this uninformed bias only adds to my ignor list - which I don’t like to use but continual rubbish from ANYONE trying to push their personal bias without any facts certainly makes me use the function. With the new site the list was deactivated but as SOME appear again with crap without fact I can see a few will need adding again. I refuse to read uninformed crap, the ABC covers that enough for me.
  4. frank marriott

    Accident and defect

    There are specific instructions re high/low power & amount of damage specially laid out (at least for Jabiru aircraft) in the overhaul manual. Any high power or damage in excess of about 3 inches (from memory) off the tip means a bulk strip although costs are not as frightening as for Lyc & Cont. I have no knowledge about Rotax.
  5. frank marriott

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    Query re ignored list. As a personal choice there are some individuals I have no desire to hear from. I have checked my ignor list and they are still there but I am getting their posts since the new site set up. Is there a simple way to reactivate my list?
  6. The “Mt. Erebus disaster” is a very involved matter. Commercial pressures & passenger expectations & company advertising plus the alleged changing of waypoints AND whiteout conditions - plus plus. The comments by Justice Mahon being the strongest I have seen from a Royal Commission of Inquiry with reference to alleged coverups. “I am forced reluctantly to say that I had to listen to an orchestrated litany of lies.” (Paragraph 377) It is the expression of such opinions that, ultimately, cost Justice Mahon his career.” The bottom line is once you go below LSAL you are flying VFR procedures unless on an approved Aerodrome approach. The point to be taken for RAA (& any VFR Pilots for that matter) without referring to the individual details of the Erebus disaster, is you must comply completely with the VFR rules no matter what toys you may have fitted to your instrument panel (approved or otherwise).
  7. frank marriott

    Jacobson Flair

    Should have realised, I was thinking in terms of the POH/flightmanual etc.
  8. frank marriott

    Jacobson Flair

    What does JF stand for?
  9. frank marriott

    Jacobson Flair

    Short answer, you will not learn to fly off the internet, talk to your instructor is the best advice you will get on line particularly in the student stage.
  10. I do wonder if current (at least RAA) students are taught “compass turns”. With the acceleration errors & overshoot and undershoot north and south or just using the rate 1 turn to give the 3°/sec. even with turbulence it works. Talking to many pilots and reading some comments it would appear to me this basic information is either not being covered or completely forgotten?
  11. I think it is a personal preference thing. e.g, I have a 4” EFIS which I use in cruise and the information it provides is great and cheaper then fitting “steam driven” instruments to obtain the same information. I also have conventional ASI, altimeter, and T&B & compass, I find that I always use the “conventional” instrumentation for all take and landing situations. In reduced visual conditions I confirm that the EFIS information agrees with the other instruments. It may be a familiarity thing over but over 30 odd years I prefer the analogue gauges when the information is critical. I accept it may well be a familiarity thing but I feel comfortable flying if the EFIS is US but not the other way round. People who trained with digital information only would most likely disagree. Yes flying VFR (as in RAA reqirements) attitude and power is the answer but other information is nice to have.
  12. frank marriott

    CTA advice

    If you are going into CTA, submit a flight plan, not difficult, and you are expected and in my experience works perfectly. I accept if you are VFR it is not required but with a submitted plan it often saves time and the reply from CLR delivery “stand-by remain outside CTA” whilst the controller tries to fit you in with other traffic and you are already assigned a SSR code with a plan otherwise they have manually enter your details and issue a discrete code. In short just makes life easier for yourself and the controller.
  13. frank marriott

    Killer Gas

    I purchased one of these from clear prop a few years ago and still working fine. I don’t know if Ian still has them in stock.
  14. frank marriott

    RAAus to disclose member details

    “Whilst RAAus accepts this decision may anger some members”. (Implied - but I don’t care, RAAus is no longer interested in the wishes of mere members, we will decide what will happen so there)