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  1. frank marriott

    Strategic plan?

    On a committee and VOTED not asked an opinion. I have written detailed response to your post, but will sit on it for a day or so whilst I consider whether to post it or just let the matter take its natural course. Probably adopt the latter. Suffice to say that if ALL organisations worked for the benefit of pilots and not try to empire/ego build and set up restrictions then the aviation industry would be better off - not one against the other as many pilots are qualified with more then one licence/certificate.
  2. frank marriott

    Strategic plan?

    Really!! Do you honestly believe that statement. Monk is already ON RECORD voting AGAINST medical reform for the RPL. Quite a lot of RPC holders have already done the RPL solely for CTA access and he is against that. Look at the facts of performance and not the hype. Remember the proposal for MTOW increase included LAME maintenance by “OUR?” Organisation “to ensure work for LAMEs” unbelievably their words. One needs to seriously consider the intent of certain individuals. I guess “money for LAMEs” partly explains the renigned, CASA appointed and resigned, ex Tech Manager now back on a permanent RAA wage secrecy fiasco.
  3. frank marriott

    Strategic plan?

    “The Board also discussed medical policy and met with CASA during the course of our meeting to discuss appropriate medical reform opportunities for RAAus. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of these discussions with members once they are finalised.” The above quote should ring alarm bells to membership (obviously depending on your individual opinion of the direction taken by the two Ms) but should give cause to at least what “reforms” they are seeking. Ignore these individuals at your own peril - just look at some of the “forced” changes to the Tech Manual (submitted by Linke before agreement by the then current board). I have given up, but get control back to membership or accept GA conditions, it is up to the membership who supported the change in structure or accept the outcomes and don’t complain about the result. (I would have not have purchased a LSA aircraft had I had any idea that RAA would go the way it has). Remember Monk voted AGAINST reform for the RPL and if you still support him I have nothing further to submit (result only found out by FOI application).
  4. frank marriott


    Hope all is well and you have just been busy. Haven’t heard from you for a while. Although I do not necessarily agree with everything you say I do enjoy reading your opinions.
  5. frank marriott

    New fuel rules start today 08/11/2018

    I started flying with 45mins fixed reserve plus variable of 10 or 15% and never changed that approach so to my operations it is purely worthless words.
  6. Read the complete reg. It is covered (with low level end.). Tax has nothing to do with hire & reward.
  7. It is quite straight forward if you look at it from the “intent” of the legislation IMO. You and I see it differently, so be it, I don’t intend to debate the issue.
  8. The definition of private operations is quite clear IMO. Amongst some other conditions it clearly states (V) 1. The carriage of persons without charge for the carriage 2. The carriage of goods being the property of the pilot, owner or the hirer of the aircraft 3. NOT the carriage of goods for the purpose of trade Political opinions are best expressed on the sister site if that is ones desire
  9. frank marriott

    How to improve the reliability of the 6 Cylinder Jab

    I wouldn’t call $2.30 per ltr cheap.
  10. For RPC pilots, possibly considering a RPL or believe they will get CTA (or weight increase) without a PPL type medical - Please remember Monk voted AGAINST medical reform for the RPL, do the blind supporters STILL think his actions are for the benefit of ANY recreational flyer. Just think about it for a while. I would suggest RAA members need to seriously consider what they actually want and let their feelings be known (and I still have a CASA medical although with age it gets more expensive with extra tests which only after paying the money specialists then report still fit to fly). Serious matters but blind acceptance will produce a predictable result.
  11. frank marriott

    How long until RAA get a weight increase approved?

    ???????? 95.55 7.3 (a) states aeroplane limitations (b) states engine limitations These limits apply to all CTA & restricted areas not just over built up areas.
  12. I disagree, above 5000ft area freq is very important.
  13. If you inspected the remains of the aircraft you may have a different opinion. Things like melted heads, valves and springs feet from the impact point, no identifible switches let alone what position they might have been in. Suffice to say not a lot of evidence available at the scene.