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  1. frank marriott

    Members Opinions/Wiews

    An indication of the value placed on member’s views by MM. i.e. Stop criticising and just cop it as I know best. (Extract from March SP comment) “with this in mind, this year we need to ignore these self-contradicting comments and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the noise.”
  2. frank marriott

    RPL fees

    Transponder required for class C but not for class D.
  3. frank marriott

    RPL fees

    A 95.55 compliant RAA registered aircraft can & have been able to do so for years. The CTA restriction is on the RPC.
  4. frank marriott

    RPL fees

    The real issue is MOST testing etc is competency based as there is always variables, but RAA moving from a competency test to minimum 5 hours is a backward step IMO. Does not concern me as I did my RAA certificate when it was competency based so the “real” reason for 5hrs minimum is debatable, I call it BS.
  5. frank marriott

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    He was ineffectual on the board (other then supporting M & M) before he was “voted” out, now appointed, why would there be ANY difference.
  6. A prime example is at one particular regional airport when being delivered by taxi in the morning the driver commenced driving past the terminal when I said in here my plane is out the front. His reply was everyone normally goes down here about 500m and goes through a plain wire two strand fence. The effect on security ZERO. At another location the refueler wanted to see an ASIC card before refueling after landing and parking in front of the bowser. Quite clearly the only people interested in the stupid ripe off card are those people gaining income from their use - nothing to do with security. There “may” be arguments made about their use at international terminals but in reality a red card being displayed is never checked so in effect serves no real purpose there either.
  7. frank marriott

    Going bare

    A widely spread myth, but a myth just the same.
  8. frank marriott

    'Fractured Dynamic'

    Getting close to the issue I suspect, given my experience with the attitude of the current chairman when I was on the board. A major reason I would not even consider standing under the new set up. (And I am aware of certain current issues)
  9. frank marriott

    'Fractured Dynamic'

    Not an unexpected result given that the “take over” was based in division. Only achieved by the unprecedented soliciting of 800 proxy votes by a core few (legal yes, ethical and in the best interest of the organisation - well that is up to the individual member to decide for themselves). Good leadership requires inclusive decisions, effective debate and informed reasoning to achieve a desired outcome which will then be supported at all levels within the organisation. Dictorial stlye decision making can only achieve contempt. Open and inclusive communications is essential. Interestingly the director’s remuneration comes up again. The big statement by M.Monk of “it will not happen on my watch” ‘might’ be tested - the obvious question, as was raised at the time giving rise the the statement, why was the process included in the new constitution if was not intended to be used. (Again emphasising “open, effective, inclusive and factually correct communication)
  10. frank marriott

    ra aus 10- prefix. still used?

    Ops manual 4.02 ICAO group method is the preferred means for expressing a four digit call sign. Group form is the pronunciation of a series of numbers as the whole number, or pairs of numbers they represent rather than pronouncing each separate digit. The use of group form may, however, be negated by four-digit identifiers or the placement of zeros in the identifier. Examples: Lightwing 0437 Tecnam 1346 Trike 1215 Aerochute 1001 = “Lightwing, zero four thirty-seven.” = “Tecnam, thirteen forty-six.” = “Trike, twelve-fifteen.” = “Aerochute ten zero one.”
  11. frank marriott

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    Although the definition of a road is relevant to many traffic offences it is not relevant to many which apply “elsewhere then on a road”. e.g. UIL & Dangerous Operation. Shopping centre carparks & service station driveways etc are all covered in the definitions.
  12. frank marriott

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Been flying for a couple of years now. Jamie’s J430.
  13. frank marriott

    Trikes at Whitsundays Airpark

  14. frank marriott

    Another jab down...pilot said the engine just stopped

    Facts will be of interest as with any accident. Bullshit and personal bias is of no interest and actually reflects on the poster. We have been through this crap before and just continual comments of this uninformed bias only adds to my ignor list - which I don’t like to use but continual rubbish from ANYONE trying to push their personal bias without any facts certainly makes me use the function. With the new site the list was deactivated but as SOME appear again with crap without fact I can see a few will need adding again. I refuse to read uninformed crap, the ABC covers that enough for me.
  15. frank marriott

    Accident and defect

    There are specific instructions re high/low power & amount of damage specially laid out (at least for Jabiru aircraft) in the overhaul manual. Any high power or damage in excess of about 3 inches (from memory) off the tip means a bulk strip although costs are not as frightening as for Lyc & Cont. I have no knowledge about Rotax.