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  1. G'day Adam, Thanks for getting in touch. Plenty of questions for you about your experiences so far, how you've found Par Avion and how you've found flying down here in Tassie. Would be keen to catch up for a brew and find out more. What sort of a/c are you looking to purchase? All the best, Breece
  2. Haha! That's the ultimate dream Pete!
  3. Thanks very much guys. [email protected]_d[/uSER] I've moved down to Kingston, so we're just up the road. Keen for a brew and a look at your incredible efforts with the 701. Looking forward to getting up in the air again soon! Breece
  4. G'day everyone! My name is Breece and I've recently been posted down to Tasmania as the new Senior Military Recruiting Officer for the ADF. I've done about 40 hours flight training on GA Foxbats and c172s in both Townsville and Melbourne. I'm keen to crack on with my training down here and happy to look at RAAUS as my future pathway rather than PPL/CPL. Are there any instructors in the south and other brave souls willing to hire out there pride and joy? I'm happy to travel up to train with Eugene in George Town, but I'd also like to see what's in and around Hobart. I'm very keen
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