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  1. Hey everyone! I'm planning on getting a temporary CoV license conversion for a trip from Canada to Australia in September, but I'd like to do my due diligence before I even think about flying down under. This entails learning about all of the available aviation publications, airspace designations, etc. All of this, to my knowledge, should be available in a ground school. I'm wondering if there is a really well-structured, professional Australian PPL/CPL ground school available online somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Alex Penner
  2. Thanks for all the tips! As for your last point, however, I'm not getting an RAAus, I'm getting a CoV which allows me to exercise the privileges of my Canadian PPL. I'm pretty sure that includes flight through controlled airspace in Australia. I will, however, be doing my due diligence and studying what I need to study to make sure I'm prepared before flying there.
  3. It will be sometime between September 16 and October 6, and my plan is to start near Gold Coast and go from there (probably north up to Cairns). It will likely be a '73 Cessna 150L.
  4. From what I was told by one of the ASIC issuers is that the face to face meeting is literally just picking up the card, basically just pick it up and show then the physical documents proving my identity. They said that my Canadian Passport, Canadian Pilot License, Canadian Driver's License, etc. will all suffice. Once this is all said and done, and if it works, I will hopefully put together a post/guide for others to follow if they want to do the same thing in the future!
  5. Thank you! I just might take you up on that come September! As for ASIC, I have called two other ASIC issuers and they have both said that my "Holiday Flying on a CoV" plan should be sufficient for meeting the "Operational Need" requirement of the ASIC. Good news, I hope?
  6. That's interesting. When I spoke with CASA regarding the process for getting an ASIC, an in-person interview was never mentioned, but I see that change was made August 2017. It says the face-to-fave interview is required "when collecting [my] ASIC."
  7. Good thing I've got 5+ months to plan! They won't accept my CoV application until 3 months prior to my trip, but I've started on the paperwork already. I don't want to rent a plane and instructor, I want to fly myself around and not be locked to someone else's schedule, so my plan is to buy bulk time from a private owner. From the calls I've made to CASA, the process seems relatively straightforward. Submit my application for my CoV, submit my application for my ASIC, then once they are both approved, I will be able to pick up my documents when I land in Australia.
  8. How so? Is it just the time that it takes to process an AVID application? Or do I need an ASIC as a Private Pilot? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Alex Penner
  9. Hello everybody! I did a quick Google search for "Australian Aviation Forum" and this came up in the results! I'm looking for a bunch of information, but first why don't I introduce myself? My name is Alex, I'm 26 and I've been PPL Licensed for a little over two years, and I just sent in the paperwork for my CPL. I'm planning a vacation to Australia at the end of September and I'll be looking to get my PPL converted and to purchase some bulk time on a small single-engine aircraft such as a Cessna 150, probably somewhere along the east coast. Nice to meet you all! Alex Penner
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