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  1. Thanks Might have to give up on the water takeoff! :-( I'm thinking one step up from paramotor, something with wheels like the trikes. Weightshift is the sort of thing. Watching the videos, the hang gliding wing folds up nicely, it would be nice if the front beam of the wing could come apart in 2 pieces to be shorter when packed then the whole thing looks like it would fit in the front locker with the prop and wheels removed.
  2. I'm thinking I'd like a minimalist 2 seater that can take off and land on flat water, paddocks and beaches that folds up as small as possible to go on a boat. I know from other forums on things I am familiar with that this will be a dumb question but I'm going to start somewhere. We are a couple of heavyweights so some grunt and space might be needed, not looking for performance but short easy take off and landing. Also like to join a club SE Queensland (I'm between Brisbane and the Gold Coast)
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