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  1. Jabirupilot


    My apologies, I've just seen your cry for help. I may be able to assist.






  2. jabirupilot


  3. Hi all, looking to 'beg, borrow, steal, or buy' a pusher to suit o200 continental ( 58x67) or close. Cheers.
  4. What a blast it would be, but just you try it in AUS, go on I dare ya!
  5. The CASA have been pleasing themselves for years(even back as far as 1969), my Taylor JT1 mono was built VH from the designers plans that 'test specified' it 7.5G+/4.5G-. The CASA would NOT allow any more than 4.5G+/2.5G- & 318Kg MTOW on the registration paperwork. Prob not too relevant, just sayin'.
  6. Spacesailor, definately dismantle brakes, wash pads & rotor well with petrol/brakekleen, blowdry,give both a good scrub with an aggressive glasspaper, re-assemble & taxi. Cheers.
  7. Anybody know if these are available in Aus for Jabiru engines & appr cost ? Cheers all
  8. Short strip/wet grass............no wonder PIC when interviewed blamed 'brake failure' .
  9. Hi Bruce, .75psi is three quarters of one psi .
  10. Had similar problem with a Jab160 a few years ago, turned out a loose internal wire on the charge dyno was causing voltage spikes & overvoltage. Repaired, problem solvered.
  11. Thought it looked familiar, did my training & got my Certificate in 3404, lovely machine !
  12. Welcome to the forum C42Ikarus, cheers Roger.
  13. Is it optical delusion?, possible starboard wing twist (3:40 & 4:58). Not obvious later on final.
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