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  1. Hi Ryan, We have put total 550 hours on 2 of these props - and they are v good; makes for smoother running and about 3 - 5 knot gain.. More resilient to rain and wont take up moisture in humid conditions.. Cheers Chris
  2. Ref the above post - this sounds slightly more positive than CASA’s original decree. I will be writing another response covering the specific issues requested here – i.e. operational limitations impacting flying schools. All owners out there should be doing their own submissions stating their own views and reasons (if wanting to propose modification to the restrictions) :- CONSULTATION DRAFT: OPERATING LIMITATIONS ON JABIRU POWERED AIRCRAFT CD 1425SS (Extract) CASA acknowledges that Jabiru has enjoyed a good reputation for manufacturing safe and reliable engines, and that most Jabi
  3. Tried to restrain myself on topic but in the end failed in that resolve... I'm not going to write an essay but here are some of my thoughts and observations: CASA saw a need to do something about the 'problem' because it was put to them by RAA that they needed to do something, as the RAA didn't have the power to do anything in their own right. CASA did something - but they have hit a mosquito with a double-barrel shotgun. Even the RAA Board and executive had no idea that the draft restrictions were going to be this harsh. They were not consulted before CASA went public, even t
  4. ... however the operators report that prop ground clearance is a problem due to gearbox configuration...
  5. On topic - Plane Crash Barossa Valley 26/6.. ..So that I don't have to read all 7 pages here - is the summary of relevant the observations that it was loss of control in cloud? I have a student coming to Bathurst today to fly her Tecnam and she is bound to ask. (I know its all subject to the investigation, etc... but Im just asking about opinions).
  6. Oil pressure fluctuations most likely to be the sender unit; they often go a bit erratic over time. VDO p/n 360.001 from Repco or similar (non VDO) from Jabiru.
  7. Are you sure the correct ring size was used? We put about 900 hours a year on our 3 Jabs and have had sticking rings only once in 5 years - on a 3300 engine. Sometimes the ring gaps line up for a time and give lower comps, but then they move and comps go back to normal. We use USA made Philips 20W50 oil all year round, Avgas 100% of the time, and run them at 2850 - 2900 rpm. Jab motors like revs. Like you, we also see very low CHTs - barely in the green on 2200 motors - and low EGTs on the 3300s, where we monitor CHTs and EGTs on all 6 cylinders on Dynon Skyview panel.
  8. I'm coming in late here - But what is not immediately apparent in considering the cost of instruction / private hire, is the schools overheads costs. They vary a lot depending on the bigger ticket items like rent - but for us include (rounded): Rent $300 month Power $180 month Hangarage $400 month (5 aircraft) Internet $60 month Phones (landline / mobile) $180 month So the trick is to get the right balance in charges setting, to cover the fixed costs but not get so expensive that the volume drops off. We review every 12 months, with the main increases
  9. Hi Phil - What hours has your wooden prop done and how much do you want for it? Chris Stott
  10. An update on our PPL intensive course for those that I have not been in contact with: The good news is that with the numbers committed we have been able to get the pricing down to well under the ‘commercial’ rate for these courses – so it will now be $260 inc GST for one weekend – $480 inc GST for both weekends. Remember, to be ready to sit the CASA exam, you will be best placed if you have attended both weekends. If you have current charts, ERSA and the CASA VFG booklet, bring them, otherwise we will have extras on hand. A general PPL booklet is included in the fee and lunch will be p
  11. (Post pre-approved by I Baker.) Hi All, Central West Flying at Bathurst is running a PPL theory course over 2 weekends for anyone interested in gaining a Private Pilots licence. The only requirement is that you have passed at least the RA BAK exam, or the GA BAK exam. Dates are: 15 & 16 June, then 22 & 23 June. If you are able to do both these weekends you will be fully prepared for the CASA BAK or PPL exam; if you can only do one of the weekends, you will need do additional work privately, or with our GA theory trainer, to be ready. Cost is $550 inc GST for the 4 days or $300
  12. I do not know of one instructor that is unhappy in the LH seat.. How do you think we teach our budding instructors? They sit in the RH, we sit in the LH. And usually when we are solo flying - or flying with pax, we sit in LH seat. Get her an instructor. Or better still, encourage your school or aero club to run a program for several partners.
  13. Thanks for compiling and posting this Dave. I'm just back from China today, so catching up on emails and this forum.. Made me seedy just watching this; worse then the real thing! :-) Cheers Chris
  14. Anyone know what this is all about? (Apologies if there is a thread on this already - I dont have time this morning to check back): From RAAus: November 9, 2012 | opsassist Following a CASA Directive RA-Aus is unable to process aircraft registrations, including renewals until further notice. RA-Aus regrets this inconvenience and the board and staff are working closely with CASA to resolve this situation as soon as possible. This notice will be updated by close of business Monday 12 November 2012, or earlier if there is any change.
  15. The schools vary a lot in their approach.. and required time (in their training syllabus) to switch over. We start almost everyone in RA aircraft (except where the student wants only Tail-wheel instruction) and run them right through to attainment of their PC and X-country endorsement. Then we stick them in a GA aircraft (Cessna 152 or 172) and do what is effectively a type endorsement - with some basic instrument flying and controlled airspace - and finally a NavEx. This can add another 6 - 10 hours, or longer, depending on the individual. We also teach the GA BAK and PPL theory - usually
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