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  1. Landing fees for aircraft at council owned airstrips should be the same fee as boats using council owned ramps.
  2. There are plenty of pilots who do and more than one sometimes with pilot and passenger also. I would be very concerned with the noise level for a baby though.
  3. Does anyone know abut any changes to being able to do any modifications to our own aircraft? The previous Tech manual said under the heading of: 5 Approval Of Modifications Factory, designer or owner generated minor modifications generally do not require approval, though owners may need to be prepared to justify why a modification is not considered to be a major modification. However I cannot find any reference to that being allowed in the new Tech manual. All I can find is 4 Approval of Modifications The owner/operator of the aircraft or aer
  4. If they don’t have to renew every two years as the L2s do, then it would rely on RAA checking with each LAME as to whether they are still currently employed each year which I doubt they do or the LAME informing RAA if they no longer meet the requirements which I doubt they do.
  5. Terrible news. Condolences to family and friends of the two who so tragically lost their lives.
  6. Well it does seem that RAAus is not impressed with the AirServices proposal and are asking for members to email them Airservices Australia ‘Lowering of Class E on the East Coast’ proposal
  7. Some instructors will hire trikes out and there are some syndicates around to share the cost of buying. The closest to you would be Bundaberg I think so you could check with the instructor there depending on whether you are HGFA or Raa
  8. The owner is responsible for the airworthiness There was was another thread about hiring a Trike a few years ago but I can’t find it now. Used to be one for hire through the royal Newcastle aero club. Registered through HGFA at the time
  9. Some XT-582 are primary category not LSA. The Airborne manual reference I mentioned covers both XT 582 Light Sport and Primary Category Aircraft MAINTENANCE MANUAL
  10. Airbrorne manual refers owners to the Rotax documents so it would be 300 hours and 5 years for the 582: 72.00.10 Maintenance and Overhaul Other than any specific procedures specified elsewhere in this manual, detailed procedures for the maintenance and overhaul of the Rotax 582 UL engine fitted to the XT 582 aircraft can be found in the following documents: - Rotax Operator Manual for Rotax Engine Type 582 Series - Rotax Documentation CD Documentation for Rotax engines available at www.rotax-aircraft-engines.com The supplied manuals and documentation are supplement
  11. Just replying to another thread I read with interest the advert for a Trike on Australian classifieds. It says The Australian Government is set to Legislate in 2021, that Rotax 582 Aircraft Engines have their TBO hours extended out to 500 hours! At 20 hours flying a year, this means you could fly this Trike for 19 More Years before even Thinking about an overhaul. No idea what that means but I can’t see our government overriding Rotax 5 years TBO to over 19 years.
  12. I noticed the Trike is also listed on Gumtree eBay and facebook so it is possible that owners of aircraft for sale may be using other methods of advertising rather than aviation classifieds.
  13. RIP and condolences to his family and friends. Very sad to hear of another death.
  14. "he has accepted a new position in a national organisation". I wonder where he is going to.
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