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  1. RIP and condolences to his family and friends. Very sad to hear of another death.
  2. "he has accepted a new position in a national organisation". I wonder where he is going to.
  3. email received Friday Sport Pilot Magazine is landing in letterboxes! Keep your eye on your letterbox, because the all new Sport Pilot magazine will be in your hands shortly, if you haven't received it already! Nothing in my letterbox yet
  4. Last paragraph ...... “He and his wife, Peta, added two car seats in the back to accommodate their two favourite passengers "They really love it. They sit in the back in their car seats and have their little headsets on and hang out the window," Mr Wulff said. "We use it to bribe them quite regularly.”
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/germany-three-dead-after-small-plane-crashes-into-house-after-colliding-with-hot-air-balloon/ar-BB17boIK?ocid=msedgdhp#image=2
  6. So sorry to hear this news but it is a lovely gesture by the Club to put up a plaque in their honor at the Clubhouse. RIP Ross and Steve. and condolences to the families and friends of these pilots.
  7. CASA have a section for ramp checks and this includes the inspection of documentation, preparation for flight and your aircraft. Ramp checks Ramp checks explained for general aviation and sport pilots.
  8. On Fly Rotax there is an area where you can do a search on engine number for all SBs etc. Rotax Aircraft Engines - Technical Documentation - Rotax Aircaft Engines Some will already be incorporated in your engine, depending on when it was manufactured, but it gives a good list as a start, then it is easy to keep up to date by enrolling with R.O.A.N who will send you an email with a link to any further SBs Rotax-Owner.com - CB Registration. Registration is free if you only need the email updates. The Breezy Log was demonstrated in one of the RAAus PDPs and seems to have been developed for a s
  9. That is great to hear. Finally someone in authority is seeking a definite answer for us all. Hopefully whatever response is received, it will be for any and all the States. Too confusing to have different rules of what you can and can’t do depending on where you live.
  10. SAFA have issued the following statement: Insurance: Further advise received from our insurers stipulates that SAFA insurance policies require pilots to adhere to legal directions or requirements from the various levels of Government. SAFA insurance coverage (all policies) is not valid for operations or activities that breach government directions.
  11. It was such a shame that they opened with: Oil Change: Get the engine up to operating temperature by taking the aircraft up for one last flight. otherwise it would have been good
  12. Sorry my post was poorly worded. I absolutely agree with you. What would be great is if RAA, SAA, SAFA etc. could give a clear concise message to all their members to say “No” you cannot fly for the following reasons in NSW/QLD, however at the moment you can fly if you reside in SA. Or whatever the States say at the moment. Then there would be no grey areas. Hence my plea to lobby on our behalf to have one clear statement for all pilots (as they have done for recreational boating)
  13. We all care. And wish him all the very best, in particular under these trying circumstances for his family and friends who may be unable to visit him. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery.
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