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  1. Me too. I'm glad to hear the news about cannibalism etc. Couldn't help notice that this was posted by someone from Gawler!
  2. The battery on my MT410G PLB expires next month and I'd like to send it back to GME for a refurb, but it's a "dangerous good". I looked on the Australia Post website and couldn't get a clear answer on whether they would ship it. I asked at my local PO and the lady said she had no idea. I emailed GME who referred me to their website, which I'd already looked at, saying I should consult my courier about shipping it. A useless answer. No-one can tell me the answer. How do I ship my PLB back to GME in Sydney? Thanks.
  3. Yes, there are good vaccines against canine coronaviruses. There will be a vaccine, or probably many vaccines, against SARS-CoV2. The questions are: when? how effective? how durable will the immunity be?
  4. The jab I fly was flown by another pilot into a SWER line. Luckily it missed the prop and snagged the undercarriage. The jab came to a sudden stop on the ground, with not too much damage. One pole was bent, on the other it ripped an insulator off. So I'm told. Still flies fine.
  5. Is any detailed info available on this pilots habits? As he's in the ICU, it's unlikely that he'll repeat his mistakes, whatever they were.
  6. A few weeks ago I spent an hour flying over Puget Sound, Washington State, in a C152. Today I spent an hour flying the jab at Murray Bridge, practicing side slips. Great fun.
  7. Without taking anything away from the student, it's a darn good thing it was a C152. Lots of planes are harder to land. I hope the instructor makes a full recovery.
  8. There was a move in SA about 25 yrs ago to move to eastern states time. It wasn't popular. People are very proprietorial about their time zones. Personally I think Australia could run on 2 time zones, eastern, inc SA and NT, and western. But it will probably never happen.
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