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  1. Tragically this is reported today: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-04/two-people-killed-in-wa-microlight-aircraft-crash-near-exmouth/13214616
  2. A relative flew Hurricanes, then Typhoons in 181 squadron, and had 18 months as a night fighter. He died only a few years ago, and he said the RAF couldn't get rid of the Typhoon quick enough once the war was over: it was a very dangerous plane. He came from Victor Harbor in SA, apparently the only one to return of 6 young men from there who became aircrew. He also said the biggest killer of Me109 pilots was the Me109.
  3. In the 70s when I was young and stupid I rode my Ducati 900 Adelaide-Perth, cruising on 200kph, using a black visor daytime and yellow at night. Once, after dusk, I stopped to change visors, and looked back to see a guard of honor of hundreds of 'roos lining the road I'd just been doing double-digit speeds on. I hadn't seen one. I think I was going so fast they didn't have time to jump out in front of me. While I survived, I don't recommend this strategy.
  4. There's a similar device, the Shoo-Roo, which U Qld tested for one of motoring associations. They concluded it was bogus, based on (i) it didn't emit the claimed noise (ii) roos can't hear the claimed noise anyway -don't ask me how they knew that- and (iii) fitment of these things didn't reduce roo strikes.
  5. Agree. Those air brakes are fantastic. I'm not sure I follow you. When you switch off the engine the prop stops, at least at the 70-80 knots I was doing.
  6. I've tried switching off the engine in the jab to see what effect it makes on glide, and it's certainly significant. NB: had instructor in the RH seat. My next thing will be to simulate -at altitude and with instructor- the impossible turn. The other thing is to go through in your mind the options for EFATO before every takeoff.
  7. My uncle flew Beaufighters and Kittyhawks in PNG in 1944-45, and he said he was sh1t-scared the whole time, that it was probably the toughest aviation country on Earth. He was only 18 when he arrived there. He survived the war and swore to never fly a plane again, an oath he kept.
  8. Here in Adelaide property prices are booming. There's lots of building happening: tradesmen are impossible to find. There are still lots of people with money, and what are they going to do with it? Stockmarket? Doubtful. Put it in the bank? No way with virtually 0.00% interest rates. So that leaves real estate. BUT, with so much uncertainty (will everything collapse next year?), less people are spending big on discretionary items like planes, so the market is shrinking. My $0.02 worth.
  9. Just being there for people is important, and possibly the only thing you can do. Commiserations.
  10. Reported on ABC news here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-28/light-aircraft-crashes-at-serpentine-airfield-near-perth/13018024 Mentions "burnt out remains". No word on condition of pilot or if there were other occupants. Hope everyone is OK.
  11. Me too. I'm glad to hear the news about cannibalism etc. Couldn't help notice that this was posted by someone from Gawler!
  12. The battery on my MT410G PLB expires next month and I'd like to send it back to GME for a refurb, but it's a "dangerous good". I looked on the Australia Post website and couldn't get a clear answer on whether they would ship it. I asked at my local PO and the lady said she had no idea. I emailed GME who referred me to their website, which I'd already looked at, saying I should consult my courier about shipping it. A useless answer. No-one can tell me the answer. How do I ship my PLB back to GME in Sydney? Thanks.
  13. Yes, there are good vaccines against canine coronaviruses. There will be a vaccine, or probably many vaccines, against SARS-CoV2. The questions are: when? how effective? how durable will the immunity be?
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