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  1. Well I would say two very lucky men. That is a video everyone should see.
  2. What gets me on this site everyone is an expert when it comes to accidents. And full of advise.
  3. Hi All Just wondering what the situation is with the RAAus pilots licence if one leaves RAAus but rejoins after several years is the license still there ( with licence review of course) or does one have to start again. Is it like a GA licence where one would just have to obtain a medical and do some update training.
  4. Personally I think RAAus is slowly dying. For the type of people it should be catering for (inexpensive low cost flying) its becoming too expensive and bureaucratic. I agree with Riley.
  5. Wheres the Sept magazine got to ????????
  6. http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/seahawk-mk4.136176/#post-501852 Check this out built by a John Stevens called the seahawk mk4
  7. Bottom line is I'm getting more and more pissed off with RAAus If only an alternative organisation would become available to offer RAAus a bit of competition The magazine debacle has become a joke
  8. "self serving empire building management" Sounds like the way RAAus is going
  9. Just downloaded July issue of Sports Pilot from RAAus site. Tried to read it !!!!!!!! What a disaster They could do it a lot better
  10. I'l try again with some pics here goes !!!!!!
  11. Hi All Does anyone know anything about this amphibious 95-10 aircraft built by John Stevens from Brisbane Trying to add picture but cant figure out how. But does anyone know about the above mentioned aircraft
  12. What in the *&xx##@$$## is any of this got to do with sport pilot magazine
  13. To my way of looking at it all is RAAus just wants to become a massive bureaucracy and we the members will be paying for it !!!!!
  14. Robert

    Tow bar?

    Neil I made one that works great if interested email me and i'll send you some pics
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