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  1. Exactly my thoughts. Guess that the police have more urgent crimes than to trace an iPhone or pad.I had “find my phone app” unbelievable stupid of me to store the complicated password on the phone. Apple will not retrieve my backup until later next week. Phone could be anywhere by then. Phil
  2. Many thanks for the info. I will check out. Phil.
  3. They cut the fly screen. I was home asleep at the time. Crimsafe covers ordered. Camera security firm appointment next week! Phil
  4. I had a breakin recently at my property at Maroochydore. My 296 in the case with plane keys and asic card went plus phone and iPad. The registration on the gps is 24 5135.. Obviously I am keen to get it back as the history of the past 10 or so years will be lost. Appreciate if members can keep a look out for me. Cheers, Phil.
  5. Actually yes. A mate learning a few years ago used the brake lever in his confusion. Took off ok.
  6. Hi Bruce, Best thing I ever did. I was a tad surprised that Jab suggested a finer pitch to the wooden prop when I purchased. It outperforms the original in climb,cruise,smoothness and noise which surprised me. Performs as stated. Three years now and very pleased. Fairly expensive, so wouldn’t be changing over unless the old prop needs replacing or you want the above benefits. Cheers.
  7. I let my Command flight planner subscription lapse soon after getting Ozrunnways. I used it for some years and found it excellent for Xcountry. The return trip was always a pain as you need a printer and PC available. i mostly got around this by printing out my return plan, leaving the columns blank and filling in later via laptop from BOM. Took some time which I didn't always have. Happy with my current OZ subscription which is one up from the basic. Cheers.
  8. Ok, here's a question. If I built a plane using the 51% rule, then sell and buy a factory built. Do I still need to do the L1 course?
  9. Same thoughts here. Forrest, Ceduna, Pt Augusta, Broken Hill. There are numerous strips at railway sidings if following the line. They seem well maintained. Used for rail breakdowns I believe.
  10. Bernie, Did some of that route a couple of years back. Looks like you have decided not to take on the water crossing at the bottom. Port Pirie, Ceduna, forest.is the closed I have been to your plan. I refuelled at Kalgoolie prior. Just a thought, if you want a break at all, Renmark has swipe card Avgas at good price. One thing that is a MUST. Follow the cliffs from Nullabore to Border Village. Sensational. You may even see some whales. We spent the night at Nullabore as Border Village strip was u/s. Accomodation and meals ok. The strip had some surface water in place
  11. There is a product called Mar-Hyde. Supposed to be good for paint removal of Aluminium.
  12. Doesn't sound like very good after service. I sent my radio back a while ago, they had it back in a couple of weeks. Found a dry joint, no charge. Plenty of joins under the panel. Also aerial connection would be worth a look.
  13. My old FE Holden had well over 200.000 miles (ex taxi) Woulnt pull your hat off. A mechanic mate poured about 200 ml of upper cylinder lube (Redex) down the throat of the carby whilst operating the throttle to keep running. Blew a trail of blue smoke for five miles. Fantastic result. I kept that car for a few years more. His decoke method I thought was genius. Probably wouldn't try on an aircraft engine though.
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