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  1. I have a HGFA registered 912. It needs to have a 2 yearly Independent Maintenance Inspection and this needs to be carried out by either an RAA listed Maint authority or a HGFA listed maint authority. There are many people in HGFA that have completed the Rotax Maint course and this enables them to be listed as qualified to carry out the inspections. No biggie.
  2. So how is this going Cali, its an interesting topic and I'm certainly keen to see where it has gone so far. I also fly Trikes at Bunbury and have to say it seems to work quite well of course there will always be people that do not follow correct procedure but they come from all areas of aviation.
  3. Yep, Downunder has hit it on the head. Great little community lots of friendly help and advice when required and no problem with hangarage. Easy run from Rocky down the Forrest Highway. I’m always down at weekends give me a heads up and come down i’ll Also introduce you to Jeff who has Airsports WA who do Gyro and Microlights, we’ll take up in the Microlight.
  4. Hi Nathan, Welcome. If you are thinking about flying out of Bunbury (depending on where in Perth you live) give me a call its a great place with plenty of like minded people. Dave in the hanger next to ours has just sold his Thruster to move on to something else but there's allsorts down there.
  5. And so are these findings being made available by other than contacting the Coroners Office. I know this has been discussed but the the whole sporting fraternity may have something to learn from this.
  6. Hi Greg, havent seen you for a while, drop by the hanger sometime on a weekend. I need to fly in to your place for a cuppa real soon.
  7. G'Day Paul, Good to see you here. Jump into it you wont regret it
  8. Hi Downunder, yes I pretty much second that, and yes the Microlight Instructor and new School is in place too. I love the activity at Bunbury, never know what you are going to be in a cct with, RFDS, Water Bomber, RAC Rescue, or light aricraft/recrational. Keeps you on your toes :-) Also the breakfast at the Bunbury Aero Club and all are welcome.
  9. Hi Brett, Mate in general yes always something available. If you keep in touch and let me know nearer the time I'l get a few names and pass on to you.
  10. LOL, its not so bad, an easy 1.7 door to door. I only really have either Bunbury or York as a base for Microlights so a bit limited for hangers unless I want to trailer it each time to a local site and that's a pain and doesn't really save much time. Beauty is that Bunbury has a good crowd and active Microlights so it's a good community there.
  11. Hi Martin, welcome. Where are you based, I fly out of Bunbury at the moment but live in Willetton.
  12. G'Day Jimbjim, where and what are you flying? I am in Perth used to fly GA and now Microlights.
  13. Hi, you can see it here Airborne Microlight Edge X 582 Streak | Other Sports & Fitness | Gumtree Australia Perth City Area - Perth | 1128882698
  14. Hi All, As my OzRunways subscription rapidly approaches I noticed that the Premium subscription has increased to $169. I was wondering how many of you use the full Premium and how many go for the standard VFR ($99) maybe with a second tablet add on ($20). This is $50 less than the full subscription and I'm not really sure how much benefit I am getting from the full package. I fly a 582 Microlight so I'm not exactly breaking distance boundaries, what are your thoughts on this and what you gain from the AOPA Airfields and Pilots Touring Guide add-ons? Cheers.
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