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  1. Whoa some amazing footage - and some not so amazing
  2. Bernie Knight - based at YLED Lethbridge Airpark. Spending a lot of time at Kingston Tas. Best number is 0408564448 0408KNIGHT
  3. Adminn Yes I agree RecAus needs to be held to account by its members - us. I’m not sure if you can link some of the other Facebook and comments by AOPA members to this site?
  4. Down under The Board has gone quite - based on email advice to the Board to do so. My early calls to Board members prior to the email led me to believe the two members I spoke to - three days ago - knew little about the registration or the AOPA and RecAus breakdown in relationships at Narromine over access to the event. Another issue in breakdown of relationships. I think it was outside the SAAA hangar site that AOPA set up a basic display at Narromine. Mmm and we all remember The OZRUNWAYS sponshorship and how they were made look the bad guy at Narromine. My initial concern on
  5. I tried to contact RecAus Board members in Victoria and Qld and I was told by those I spoke to that they will not discuss this matter. They have been told via email from the CEO and Chairperson to refrain from comment as the matter will be in the hands of RecAus staffers and legal moving forward. I’m glad I’m not on the RecAus Board, as this matter, if it ends up in Court will see the end of RecAus financially. AOPA Australia, AOPA USA and both countries members will no doubt put up a fight and dollars. Yesterday I heard key AOPA members whom are ‘financially able’ discussing support
  6. Begs the question that was just asked in our hangar - yes more people are talking about this than a RecAus staffers and AOPA staffers think - that question being “ just how much other money is being wasted registering names, dynamic ribbons, by lines and phrases by RecAus”.... Who would want to use the phrase “Clear mind - Clear Prop” - but I bet that RecAus money has been spent to register this and many more.....
  7. Head in the clouds Yes it does sound like Ugg. I’m dammned if I know why RecAus saw the need to do this - if their intention was to spite and aggravate AOPA staff they have done that. Importantly, a few crusty old AOPA members and not so crusty are very annoyed. I can see money being dropped into the AOPA fighting fund account from a number of directions. Hope RecAus has tons of cash budgeted for to fight this. I think it’s about time RecAus staffers telling its membership base why they needed to even do this. It’s not good enough to say only a few members are vocal about thi
  8. I’m a little confused here. “Freedom to Fly” has suddenly become a concern to RecAus someone tell me why? It’s been used by AOPA since the mid 40’s and now suddenly it’s a concern to RecAus staffers and they suddenly needed to register it. Again tell me why? If RecAus staff where worried that the dynamic ribbon (by line) was possibly in need of protection why didn’t RecAus staffers highlight this to AOPA or Ben Morgan. RecAus has around 9000 plus members and AOPA has around half that number. However, AOPA members represent GA pilots and owners of large aircraft, businesses and serv
  9. I'm just little confused here with this 'bring them in approach'... I see so many very experienced - high hour - young pilots working trying to get a job in our Australian industry. I maybe wrong, but they seem to be over looked or not even given the opportunity. 1000 plus hours then 300 plus hours in twins and they are often told to get more experience. They hang around flying schools, adventure flight companies building hours. I bet we all know the kid at our local airfield trying to get into the airline world.
  10. Thanks guys for this. I’m in Kingston for a week from Thursday and said I’ll check the strip for the boys here at Lethbridge Airpark. I have an RV8 myself and may see if I can get in - length and grass condition? Thanks again for the reply and the contacts. Safe flying. Bernie
  11. Marty, thanks for the the heads up. I’m in your area at Kingston Beach next week. I’ll drive down and walk the strip. That sounds good as a few Rec Au’s guys were thinking of flying in. I said I’d check it out for them. bernie
  12. Hi all, Some hangar discussion today about flying into Hobart and options nearby for Rec Aus aircraft Cambridge Airport immediately next to Hobart is an option, but it’s a very busy airport and limited access due to Hobart airspace etc. Are there any suitable airports nearby - Tasmanian pilots may know options? Cheers
  13. Vans RV8A with graphics and interior upgrades being completed
  14. Young boy in USA had the perfect answer to The Right to Bear Arms - US Constitution “... why don’t they just ban ammunition” Mmmm out of the mouth of babes as they say
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