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  1. When you go flying, who do you notify about your plans! Comments from GA pilots and RAA pilots please. Do you lodge an air services flight plan, nominate a sartime, maybe you use the flight note form and give to friends and/or relative. Or do you just do a print out of you nav plan. Maybe you just make a phone call before departing. What about a local flight returning to your departure airfield, you may have departed to the South but ended up flying around to the Northern side. Persons may have seen you depart to the South and you haven't returned hours later ( after fuel duration) and you are
  2. Took a club Drifter up yesterday from Clifton and cruised over Leyburn way. Back in the circuit it was practice time. Setup myself up high on base so I could practice a few slips. Also practiced a few glide approaches from different positions in the circuit or high above. I had a ball, every landing was good...finally! Starting to realize how rusty I was after not being able to get to the field and fly for 3 months due to lockdown restrictions. BFR was due in March and final managed to get it done 2 months ago. All went well except for the flares were a little high. Yesterday I concentrated
  3. You are not wrong about taking off to the south.. just as you get airborne the other half of the runway appears ?. The FTA Qantas trainees are all over the area outside the Toowoomba/ Wellcamp broadcast area, listen on 126.7 but mostly operate out to the SW of Wellcamp. Wayne
  4. I am in an RC club down Ipswich way and a couple of years ago a fellow from Oakey joined. He told me that a small club was flying at Pittsworth strip Saturday mornings from memory. They apparently had permission and listened on the CTAF for aircraft and cleared the strip when aircraft were operating. I have flown in quite a number of times but have never seen them operate there so I don't know whether they are still active. Wayne
  5. Twenty years ago we started to notice a lot of (mostly) young fellas getting into 3D RC helicopter flying. Many were previously RC car drivers looking for a new thrill...they tried the model flight sims setup in hobby shops and practiced the extreme 3D routines without fear of losing money from a crash...just hit reset and go again! They soon became skilled at it ...no crashes ...so they then headed outdoors to try it for real and became hooked.... These pilots would never have taken up the hobby without the sim. The Real flight default aircraft can be cloned then you can alter the parameters
  6. It's the Great Planes Real Flight model aircraft simulator. Great fun. Wayne.
  7. Took a Drifter up on World Ultralight Fly day 3 years ago to shoot some circuits, wind was straight down the runway with sock mostly straight out. Lifted off in two plane lengths and reached 500' halfway down runway. Was to be touch and go's but touch down speed was at jogging speed. Made the flare so easy. The landing roll was so short so I found myself applying the brakes to try and stop shorter than the last landing. Ended up managing to stop in 1 1/2 aircraft lengths. Had great fun, air was smooth with no noticeable windshear near the ground.
  8. I heard it once said that the Cessna models that had their model number ending in an odd number seemed to be less successful than those ending in an even number. Wayne.
  9. The Graphics look wonderful, the program is in my opinion cheap for the amount of work put in to create it. Shame about the hardware costs though ? Let's start with a top end unit for 5k, we want smooth frame rates with everything turned up.. don't we? Now let's add a yoke, pedals, throttle, radio panel, auto pilot panel, a couple of extra monitors and why not get a motion frame as well! ....might just have to talk the club treasurer to apply for a 10 or 15k grant to build one! ?. Wayne
  10. I think you are bragging....we all know it's only 3.5 inches! Wayne
  11. Select classifieds in the menu, select the group ( e.g. aircraft, engines etc). You will then see a box that says (no prefix), select the type of ad here, e.g. wanted then add a title where it's says thread title. You will the see other text boxes to add further details. Then select Post at the bottom of the page.
  12. Great Photos Mike, can't wait to fly my Boorabee up that way next year, planning that anti clockwise trip around Queensland.
  13. Do you mean, Aero Performance Propellors? Aero Performance Propellers for Quality Wooden Propellers (formally Thompson Aero) I had a prop made by Gary, did a nice job. Wayne.
  14. Out flying the club Drifter on a beaut winters day. Went exploring the valleys near Cunningham's Gap, western side of the Main Range Escarpment (west of Boonah).
  15. The map is showing the wrong airport...go west to the big Island ( Australia) at Airlie Beach to find the correct airport.
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