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  1. My second flight in the circuit as I transition to GA from LSA. I'm flying a 1976 Cessna 172 Skyhawk... and I'm really enjoying the transition from LSA... but it does make you have to start over in some ways. I can get distracted with the new flight characteristics and then forget simple stuff like radio calls and spatial awareness in the circuit. But it's coming along.
  2. I'm trying out General Aviation now! Cessna 172 Skyhawk... and my first landings I put about 3 hours in General Aviation about 15 months ago... and I decided to try it out again at the Kingston Flying Club with highly qualified FI, Kais ... Great fun . The 172 Cessna flyings with alot more weight and authority than the Advanced Ultralight. I've landed this Cessna about 5 times today!! I can die happy !!
  3. Hey Simon... here is another little video , now that you have a GoPro... I would love to watch your flying skills please. How I mount my GoPro and record cabin audio.... plus yet another run down on circuit technique.
  4. Right... I said 'much respect' as to how this man handled the kangaroos! DaveP
  5. Thanks.... I can accept the slap in the head! BTW much respect to Australians.... see link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp8z3zLHMFc
  6. My First aviation incident.. after 75 hours total flight time, I've ended up with a flat tire on landing.... it was a nice landing with no sideloading on the rubber but she immediately felt odd after touchdown and then was pulling hard left on the first taxiway after exiting the runway. I did however notice that hte tire was low two days previously and my walk around was fine. Oh well it all worked out well. This is such a light aircraft that the sidewalls of the tire even with low airpressure hardly shows to the eye.... so my next walk around will include me putting my foot with full wei
  7. My first flight as passenger in a GA low wing airplane. Shawn, a friend from Ground school here in Kingston Ontario, offered me a ride in his - 1966 Piper Cherokee PA28. Nice airplane. It was an interesting comparison between my understanding of low wing and high wing. Much the same of course but much different as well. The strong keel effect of a high wing that I"m used to is definitely different from the diheidral wing in making the airplane positively stable. I was surprised at how different the yaw felt in a low wing. Shawn took me to 3 local landing strips for low and o
  8. Right sir! The first time I took her up we had a VOX issue and t;he difficulty in comms sort of reduced the fun of first flight! So I didn't take any chances this time!
  9. Hi... yet another local flight but I got to take my oldest up for her second flight with me today. It is a different kind of feeling when you have your child on board... I'm so proud that she will climb aboard with me and it's a very interesting and mixed feeling to trust oneselfs newly aquired skills! I'm loving aviation with Ontario Advanced Ultralights here in Kingston Ontario Canada.
  10. Anatomy of simple local flight with calls, take off/landings and leaving and entering the zone of Class E airport. CYGK Kingston Ontario Canada
  11. Thanks Nev.... At my ripe age of 57 , I simply like to just juice around checking out the world.. I can switch up sides but I rather dislike it. So I thought to myself.... why am I doing this? Well obviously I make $40 per hour to instuct instead of paying $150 per hour to fly for fun. That is a big reason for sure.... but I was sort of surprised at myself when I found that I didn't really like instructing. That really took me by surprise. So I'm back to the more expensive flying for fun... and loving it. Again... if I never fly another minute for the remainder of my life... this accomplis
  12. This is interesting... just a little nuance like just that can be a part reason for my dislike of changing up the seats. One similar thing to your toe brake oddity is the way I have to reach for the manual flaps lever located on the roof.... I find it crazy difficult to reach up and across with my opposite hand for some reason... I don't now why but it all feels like trying to throw a ball with my wrong hand...... I can do it but it sure doesn't look as pretty! Thanks DaveP
  13. Flying left seat with stick (elevator/ailerons/brakes) in right hand and throttle control and flaps with left.... feet on the rudder. The right seat switches the central stick control so the hands become reversed. Plus the site picture on landing is a bit different. Plus most of the steam gauges are way off to the left... the inclinometer is almost useless from the right seat. I can fly right seat but I don't feel as comfortable for sure. Maybe old brain with newbie skills could be the problem. I fly right seat to practice flight instruction but I think I've decided that I don't really
  14. First flight in over six weeks! Also the first time back in the left seat since end of October! I have been doing the last 7 or 8 flights from the right seat and with a common central stick and different sight picture....I was not enjoying my flying. Believe it or not, I was actually very concerned whether I'd fly again to be perfectly honest! So today was a make or break day..... I jumped into the good old left seat and had a great but cold flight. The weather here has been horrible for the last 6 weeks straight. I'm back baby!! "George Castanza"
  15. I take a friend , Dave, up for a flight. Dave is my first passenger with me flying PIC Right seat. I practice a bit of flight instruction but Dave used to be a Glider Flight instructor and is a Flight sim guy who knows quite well how to fly.
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