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  1. Howdy Fellas, anyone have one, know of one in Oz or NZ? Thanks Dave
  2. Thanks Wirraway, have no made contact. Thanks Dave
  3. Howdy Fellas, anyone have contact details for user RILEY from perth?
  4. Hi Fellas, anyone know of a brezzy or pocket rocket sitting in a shed, damaged etc... looking for a project. Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks Stotti, I did catch up with Pete in Holbrook & had a fly with him in his very nice red Savannah. Regards Dave
  6. Hello Dave. Having just acquired a similar machine - a Spectrum (modified up to ASAP standard) Beaver, I'm on a similar quest.
  7. thanks Blue, was hoping for one of the later models. Regards Dave
  8. Howdy folks, anyone out there with a Chinook II that I may have a look at, lower to mid NSW or north eastern VIC?? Thanks Dave
  9. Thanks Neil, going to try & catch up with Pete
  10. Hey Folks, anyone have a Savannah S in or around the above areas that I may have a look over with intention of a build coming. Thanks Dave
  11. G'Day H, thanks for the info. No free lunches as they say so I understand what your talking about. The search for the right aircraft continues!! Dave
  12. Hey Folks, trying to get a hold of Tom Elliot, Sydney based & into aircraft. Thanks Dave
  13. thanks Tim, I'll try & get a hold of him.
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