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Low tow, - high tow release -tug left- glider right, hopefully into lift... we used to teach an exercise called " boxing the tug" where a student/check would have to fly all four stations and quadrants accurately before we would solo them. all done at the appropriate height of course.

Tug pilots earn their stripes, hell knows they don't earn much else...


I'm seriously getting an itch to get back into it...:yes:


Yes, boxing the slipstream - I forgot to mention that. That, and the "hookup" condition are the only times we are in high tow. And, as exercises, we only do them on calm days.


Even from low tow it is possible, on very rough days, to get out of position and go to high tow inadvertently - again a very dangerous situation - bung off!

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I think it's all you dirty minded that need to behave!!! :gaah: :cheezy grin:


Your right Tomo, as some people age their mind is mightier than the sword. :roflmao:


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