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Aeropup and wheel spats.


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I was hoping someone out there that has flown an aeropup with and without spats could tell me the difference in speeds in the two configurations. I know generally its only a few knots, but am just curious. My kit never came with spats and I am weighing up if it is worth buying and fitting them.


On a side note would anyone have any Aeropup spats hanging around that they perhaps may be interested in off loading?







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Hi Brett,


I flew my Aeropup (she is now with a new owner) with and without spats, I gained about 2-3 knots from memory, I also made fairings for the landing gear donuts and aileron and flap push pulls, it all helped. I originally had a 60X 42 prop which gave me about 90 kts, then changed to a 60 X 38 prop and lost about 2 kts cruise, but much better takeoff and climb.





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