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  1. Hi all, Just wondering where the best place is to try and source Smoke oil in Australia. Seems not as easy to obtain as I would have imagined. -Brett
  2. All good. The Sonex community is rather small and we all corrospond frequently. If we all go back to the start of this thread basically all I was after was real world temps that other Rotax owners see in flight and in climb... Thanks though for the replies.. it all helps
  3. Nah,, I flew it for 107 hours but this half life Rotax came along at a good price so I swapped it out... unfortunately I seem to like building as much as flying so I'm a bit if a repeat offender...
  4. I can do next time out at the field. I suspect I know what to do now however. Just need to dedicate the time to it. I guess this is the drawback of using a non factory fully supported engine before others have fully paved the way. Hopefully I can help others later if they go down this path when I have the bugs sorted out.
  5. The cooling exit has been increased and I have a significant lip on the outlet... The Aerovee turbo always had nice cool temps with the same outlet but even so I increased it substantially bit by bit. I will try and make a better more streamlined intake plenum and if that doesn't help I will go with the naca duct idea. Another builder has done that with success so maybe the path to take. I just don't want to chop huge holes in the cowls if I dont need to. Thanks for all the replies...
  6. Thanks for the reply Yes I also have a coolant temp sensor,,, sits at about 100 on climb and 85 in cruise I use normal 50/50 coolant Its and older model engine with CHT sensors I do realise the prop needs work but that certainly won’t happen overnight being a Sensenich prop The cruise temps aren’t that bad, I mostly have issues on ground runs. If I muck around too much it gets quite high CHT,,, but also the oil isn’t warm enough sometimes for takeoff ,,,, not good... I would hate to have an extended delay before take off... not very optimal. Somehow I need better airflow on Tax
  7. Ok I will,, I really wanted to keep it simple though. Fixed fitch and standard spinner to avoid unnecessary cowling work.
  8. Well picked up with the fuel flow per rpm ? -I have yet to fit a return flow sender so fuel flow is not reading correctly -The current (amp) sensor is also not fitted so defaults to that number. -Running the recommended Sensenich fixed pitched prop,, (has too much pitch) -Airspeed indicator was calibrated during my initial 40 hours test period and deemed to be within tolerances and also by flying the square and recording numbers and so on at all different heights etc etc. I have only just started to do the new testing required for phase 1 ,,, I will revisit it but as nothing has
  9. Well that’s somewhat reassuring,,, I was thinking mine were overly high. Still very early days in my test flights though. Problem is if I ground run even for relatively short times it just continues to rise rather rapidly,,, in the air though temps come down.
  10. I’ve read the Rotax manual and know the max temps and so on but I’m chasing actual in field CHT temps. At what point would you start to think the engine is getting on the warm side? I’ve just installed a 912 and only have 2.1 flight hours on the (second hand) engine. I’ve only ever flown Rotax’s before mainly in Tecnam’s where they run nice and cool. What temps do people usually see in flight and climb? Thanks ?
  11. Exhaust is all made and done.. Thanks for the reply however... ?
  12. Found some... $100 for all the bends.. $50 for the tube... Thanks for responding though ?
  13. Does anyone know of a place to source 30mm pipe, bends and elbows in stainless suitable for an exhaust system? I’m not sure if Rotax uses 304 or 316 either. I have a complete system already however it doesn’t fit my airframe so I need extra pipe and bends so on to weld a suitable system together. -Brett
  14. That is the plan to temporarily fit a sensor to the exhaust but assumed someone may know off the top of their head... I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to try this.
  15. Does anybody know if the exhaust temps are still high enough after a turbocharger to be vaible for a smoke system? Obviously injecting oil into the exhaust before the turbo you have back pressure plus other issues also.
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