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Morgan Cougar Mk 2.

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Old thread so the 4 seat Cougars have been out and about for a couple of years now. Just wondering if anyone out there has flown one and can give a report, I'm especially interested in the cruise speed figures and if they do the 130 to 150 knots indicated that's quoted on the website.





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I have a CPL making a VH Cougar no issue to fly legally. A friend of mine has recently commenced training towards the Raa certificate. Ultimately we would like to 'live the dream' and go halves in an aircraft. We had been looking at the Sierra 100/200 and similar 2 seat aircraft due my friend's lack of a PPL. However my recent reading leads me to believe a Raa cert holder with passenger and cross country tickets with min 20hr experience (min 5hr solo) can with very little cross training obtain an RPL with the nav endorsements coming across. Of course a medical and BAK etc would need to be completed.

No need for BAK. Class 2 medical for >1 PAX. Training requirements are 2 hours instrument, and AFR. Need 5 hours solo XC.



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