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  1. First the joey is not a KR the joey has 7 feet more wing span, 1 foot more tail span and a much longer fuse. Yes it is based on a kr , less elevator movement, there are a lot of very good aircraft out there, but the control system set up has let them down. the joey is more like a normal aircraft, if normal is the word to use.
  2. If you are going to bag the product , please get your facts right. First if you crash your car into a tree don't winge if it brakes. This is what you are doing, the nose legs don't just brake. The Cheetah you talk about, you failed to say it stalled from 30'. Yes it will brake the nose wheel and this was the first time a main under carriage has broken, what else do you expect. Also the nose leg is not a KR leg. The KR leg is a lot longer and thinner wall. The other time down south it went into a hole. The other times legs broke the pilot is to blame not the aircraft . I know how hard you have
  3. This week I had the Cheyenne out a few times, yesterday is was pre frontal lift with streeting, David and I took off after less than 5 min of motor we shut it down at 2500'climbed to cloud base about 3k and flew up the street taking a few climbs ,went up the valley to mt george, and then followed another street toward the coast , then did a glide back to taree, it is oftern hard to get a full turn in lift here but the day was one of the best ive had around here. We didnt go that far but for a heavy touring motor glider 1.6hr no motor on the coast is ok in my book.
  4. Sorry i didn't make it clear, that Adding a motor in the design ,not adding one after the aircraft is built. Also it would have to be a retractable motor of it would have a big difference in performance
  5. You can have your high performance and add a motor, if fact the extra weight of the motor is an advantage as the conditions gets stronger. as adding water ballest, or the designer has a little bigger wing area for the weight of the motor.
  6. A free wheeling prop will still have more drag, depending on what performance one wants, and what type of flying you want to do. I find it surprising how small things can cause so much loss of performance. After flying wood gliders for over 35 years and having flown modern glass ships I now want better performance, but having said that I did two flights at christmas in my wood SF27m about 500km and did one this season at 82KPH the SF is 34-1 LD
  7. I will be handing over the business to someone who may kit the Cheyenne, The wings on the Cheyenne are in 4 pieces and the outer pannles are removered in 8 min each day to get it into the hangar. this is done on my own ,I have a wing sadle in the middle of the wing, when the two bolts are removered the wing comes off and turns vertical and wheeled in the hangar.
  8. Yes I am moving out of this country ASAP. The business will keep going as I will be handing it over to someone, as about 100 aircraft need to be supported. I will be flying gliders in the southern alps and chasing the mountain waves. It has just got to silly in this country.
  9. If you have a fixed motor not retractable, you can reg. it RAA if its not,rego is with GFA and a lot of paper work. It comes down on what performance you want and what you want to do with it. With any home built the more you do your self the cheaper it is .
  10. The Cheyenne is flying, and the test flying complete and now passangers have been carried and have thermalled up to cloud base at easter. With the 80hp Jabiru it climbes at 700fpm and in a long climb the motors gets colder, so no over heating problems. With the weight the rool is a little slower be have found it is normal for this type of aircraft.it will easly cruise over 100kts at 60% throttle. A trailor is being built so it can be shipped to NZ where i can chase the wave
  11. Canopy fitted hinged, taken mold off canopy to mold window. many many small mods to make every thing work as it should. Most of the fuse is done . The fuel tank shape is very strange to fit around the BRS U/C and steel frame. Not to far to start the wings after testing the spar joint 75% out and outer section.
  12. Saturday I did a 320km in my SF27m adv. 80kph 10,500' best day for a long time. west waylong next week for 2 weeks hope to do some good flights .
  13. Progress is the motor and doors are working, the electric U/C is now going well. The canopy was cut into the glass frame today the frame was a big job getting all the form work in place to lay it up. A few more weeks fine tuning parts to work better. Then the wings can be constructed. These will be the easier part of the build, I've found the building of the tail and fin foam sandwich construction easy going and the biggest problem with glass is the finishing. But with the 60ksqm foam which is very hard holds its shape, when the glass is layed over it using a straight edge to pull the resin o
  14. With a 120hp 125-130kts sea level, for 150kts you will need a 0-320 150 hp.
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